The last candidate to buy Twitter refused the deal

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

The only remaining bidder for the purchase of the microblogging service Twitter has officially announced the cancellation. According to preliminary estimates, the issue price stood at $18 billion

Company refused idea of purchase of the microblogging service Twitter, writes the Financial Times.

“We refused this deal. It doesn’t suit us”, — the newspaper quoted the head of the company Marc Benioff. According to the newspaper, the company management was under pressure from shareholders, who did not understand why the company, which sells software for organizations that want to buy in need of reform service.

Previously, the Agency Bloomberg reported that investors ‘ conference from Salesforce, some of them expressed dissatisfaction with CFO Mark Hawkins and other leaders about the possible purchase of Twitter. Some investors also sent a letter to Hawkins in which they outlined their views on the issue.

6 Oct Reuters, citing informed sources said that Twitter intends to complete the negotiations for the sale to October 27 — the date of publication of report for the third quarter. Interlocutors claimed that the company had already identified potential buyers. Among them mentioned Salesforce, Google and Walt Disney, wrote the Agency.

Later, however, Walt Disney and Google have expressed reluctance to make binding offers on the deal. After that, during premarket trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange as Twitter shares fell more than 18%. Analysts Northman Trader then assumed that in case of failure of potential buyers from the transaction price of Twitter shares could fall to $14-19 each.

About the plans of the leadership Twitter to sell the company became known in early September. Edition Recode, citing sources reported that the value of the transaction, according to preliminary data, is estimated at $18 billion According to a source Finacial Times, the company will continue to consult and search for a possible buyer.

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