The ship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” has saved the Ukrainian fishermen in the Mediterranean sea

Russian military anti-submarine ship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” came to the rescue of the crew of the Ukrainian ship which was in distress in the Mediterranean sea. Physicians rendered necessary assistance to the victims.


The Ukrainian fishing vessel “097” lost in the course 21 Nov. Two days fishermen drifted in the Mediterranean sea. A distress signal the ship received the Russian anti-submarine ship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov”, which came out in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean in the composition of the ship aircraft carrier group on 15 October.

As reported by the defense Ministry, the Russian military SOS signal was received at 8.20 on Thursday. Already at 9.45 the ship came to a drifting vessel. The doctors went down to the fishermen, the two victims provided the necessary medical care.

Now, in conditions of sea state 4 points and a squally wind, the Russian sailors appreciate the necessity or stroke recovery the drifting of the vessel, the home port of which Mariupol, or towing to the nearest port, and the evacuation of all seven Ukrainian anglers.

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