“Charges Russian films in international distribution in 2016 has doubled

The most cash domestic films abroad have become “Hardcore”, “He Is a Dragon” and “the Crew”

The shooting of the film “Hardcore” in Mosquitto: PR company Bazelevz/TASS

– Fees of Russian films in international distribution in 2016 doubled, reaching $ 35 million, has informed “Interfax” in the press service of Roskino Thursday.

“Box office top 20 Russian films in international territories in 2016 was a record for the last five years, amounting to 35 million dollars. The top three included “Hardcore,” “He – Dragon” and “the Crew”, – told the press service.

“The results of our work is the result of painstaking and professional work of the whole team Roskino” – quoted by CEO Catherine mtsitouridze, which notes that in 2016 Roskino for the first time received the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. She noted that in recent years, the international markets began to play a greater role in box office of all countries, including the United States.

According to Mtsituridze, it should be “not only to reach markets and festivals, but also to do marketing of each national film in the international box office”. In 2016 Roskino with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation organized 11 events in 7 countries, and presented at leading international film and Telecinco 55 Russian cinema and teleprovodnik companies at the booth ROSKINO Russian Cinema Worldwide. Nine markets in total were presented to the 76 national film and television series, says the company.

According to the press service, the total amount of sales of national films at the booth ROSKINO Russian Cinema Worldwide in the first nine film markets in 2016, $ 19.6 million dollars.

While the total budget stands nine ROSKINO Russian Cinema Worldwide for the lease, design, construction, and technical equipment for 2016 amounted to 520 thousand dollars (at the average annual exchange rate – about 36 million rubles). Advertising budget for promotion of films in nine international markets amounted to more than 200 thousand dollars (at the average exchange rate is about 14 million rubles).

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