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To view any of the paintings should spend time in the new year holidays

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The final selection of films for the year: fish and aliens, actors and revolutionaries, Hollywood and new Russian cinema – all that was best in 2016 at a subjective list of “Interfax”, to which you should pay attention during the long new year holidays.

“La La land” (dir. Damien Of Shazell)

Released in us theaters at the end of the year musical “La La land” from the Director of “Obsession” Damien Chazelle attracted attention back in the fall when he won the Toronto film festival, it is considered that it portends success at the Oscars. “La La land”, which is set in Los Angeles (often shortened to LA), it would seem, tells a simple story: a guy and a girl, high ambitions, high hopes, will develop – not develop – we have already seen a thousand times. But there is kind of magic: this movie is not even a song, it’s poetry, it is so soft and nourished with joy, so quaint, so easy and sweet in each frame (as Emma stone is in the air colorful dresses) that it is impossible not to admire, as it is impossible to leave the gym, not falling in love with him. He recalled a beautiful Sunny day, when all young and happy, nothing seems to be special, but this is the whole essence.

“Hail Caesar” (dir. Joel Cohen and Ethan Cohen)

The action of the latest Coen brothers movie is also set in Hollywood, but 60 years earlier and as if in another dimension, on the set. In this universe where the Roman legionaries and sailors-she shares only the wall of the pavilion, everything becomes a game: the characters are not what they seem, they can be brutally beat to utter pretentious speech and swollen eyes, and the audience then say: “Great actor!” The game is at different levels, a farce and a sham – the native habitat of the Cohens, but at Caesars they seem to be too fond of offering another intelligent jokes and lost something important because of what this film is unlikely to make them better. However, “Caesar” still make laugh to colic, Russian viewers – more than any other.

“To each his own” (dir. Richard Linklater)

In the new film by Richard Linklater “to Each his own” is the opposite – almost nothing happens with the most ordinary people. Only graduated from high school Jake goes to the University for the baseball team which he will play. Before the start of classes a few days – just enough to meet other players, try to settle down in the communal house and fall in love with the girl. In the film, as often happens in the films of the Director, the plot in General and the characters go to parties, drink, bully the newbies and a lot of talking, but everything that happens has such a transparency that it seems like it’s not a movie at all, but somehow caught on tape memories. Given that the action takes place in the 80s in Linklater’s native Texas, it is possible with certainty to say which: uncut.

“Toni Erdmann” (dir. Maren Ade)

About the simplest things and the film tells the Germans Maren Ade “Toni Erdmann” is an absolute favorite of film critics from the program of the last Cannes film festival which didn’t win him any awards, but got a chance to catch up over the ocean: it was included in the list of nominees for best foreign language film at the Oscars. German pensioner goes to visit his adult daughter, the big boss of a small European country to try restoring them all their disrupted relationship. For this purpose, he reincarnated in Tony Erdmann – alter ego in a wig and false teeth. It would seem that nothing particularly dramatic there, but what is happening on the screen forced a few times to laugh and almost cry, and a record 2 hours and 42 minutes flies by as a few moments.

“Finding Dory” (dir. Andrew Stanton)

About simple values and a new work by Pixar – released 14 years later, a sequel to “finding Nemo” called “finding Dory”. In this Dory fish with bad memory may forget everything, except, perhaps, in his own name, decides to go across the ocean to find his parents and to understand why they were separated. This journey, during which Dorie meets a lot of neurotics from the underwater world (including, for example, a notorious whale and octopus, the chameleon, with seven tentacles), of course, is dear to himself (needless to say that the ocean is a symbol of the subconscious). And how carefully and at the same time wittily tells the story of strange fish Pixar, is admirable. “200 people within two years worked to help a fish to find itself – this is the essence of animation,” – told “Interfax” about the film directed by Andrew Stanton. However, the enthusiasm that Pixar got their deserved reward – “finding Dory” is the fifth animated film in the history, charges which the hire has exceeded a billion dollars.

“The arrival” (dir. Denis Villeneuve)

Humanism imbued in 2016 and fiction. In “the Arrival” – perhaps the world’s first linguistic blockbuster about aliens who arrived on Earth aliens are attacking no one and ultimatums do not put. To understand what he actually needs is the main task of the group of scientists under the leadership of linguist Luisa (Amy Adams). But while she writes aliens on Board “man”, the militant Chinese General has already directs to the place where still hung one of their ships, their units. By the end of the movie about aliens is turning into a Terrance Malik – I want to believe that the meeting with the aliens, if it really ever happens, will end about the same. The work of Director Denis Villeneuve’s worth a look because it now takes a new “blade Runner”, which will be released next year.

“The servant” (dir. Pak Chan-UK)

With this scenario, is it any wonder that probably the most exciting picture of the year, which was all the more interesting blockbusters from the Hollywood majors, was shot in Korea. A young servant-Korean come to the house to a young Japanese lady. But the maid is actually a thief, and in a rich house in the depths of the dense garden is clearly something wrong. Korean Director, Park Chan-wook (“Oldboy”) lisactrytoo tells such a story that needed to spend two and a half hours and enter the narrative from a few individuals to unravel the storyline. Pornographic elements only add fuel to the fire of spectator interest, and although the main idea of the film clear five minutes after the start of the view behind a high fence full of demons, – the Director for another three hours leads viewers by the nose, who, like, hear the ringing of silver bells, but don’t know where he is.

“Duelist” (dir. Alexey Mizgirev) and Russian cinema

The outgoing year was remarkably productive for the national cinema: “the Crew,” Russian car set new records at the box office, “28 Panfilov” has caused heated debate of the Minister of culture with the liberal community, and “Hardcore” has attracted a domestic audience movie “Transformers” (directed by Ilya Naishuller-setting wave of popularity in action-video from the first person).

In 2016, came out and probably the first author’s blockbuster – the same controversial as the definition. “Duelist” Alexey Mizgireva (we are talking about it) tells the story of a strong man, which unfolds against the backdrop of huge construction projects Petersburg of the middle XIX century (dilutes all of these granite columns, channels and coach’s episode of the Aleuts in the North). Revolvers, beautiful princesses and a lot of words about a noble honor, which tells likely to get shot than to lose the advantage – it was the first in a long time, a great Russian film, which can be called completely original.

However, in addition to “Duelist” in 2016, came out a few worthy Russian films a smaller scale, from “Good boy”, so rare in Russia a good family movie to “Rag of the Union,” and is one of a kind.

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