“The mother of actress Carrie Fisher taken to hospital

– Hollywood star 50 and 60 years, mother of actress Carrie Fisher 84-year-old Mary Frances “Debbie” Reynolds taken to hospital Los Angeles the day after her daughter’s death, reports The Los Angeles Times.

The actress’s son Todd Fisher, confirmed to CNN the hospital and said that people should “pray for her”.

In turn, the newspaper the Times, citing a source, wrote that the actress complained of problems associated with the disorder of the respiratory system.

TMZ notes that Debbie Reynolds “could be a stroke”. The actress, according to the report, was at the home of his son in Beverly hills, and after she became ill, family members called 911.

D. Reynolds mostly starred in comedies, the most famous of which was “Singing in the rain”. Her successful film roles are Molly brown in the film adaptation of the eponymous musical “Unsinkable Molly brown” (1964), which brought her a nomination for “Oscar”, sister Anne, in “the Singing nun” (1966) and Barbara Harmon in “Divorce American-style” (1967).

In January 2015 the actress awarded honorary prize of the Guild of film actors of the USA for life contribution to world cinematography.

Debbie Reynolds was married three times. In 1955, she married singer Eddie Fisher, whom she had a daughter Carrie and son Todd. They divorced in 1959 after the loud scandal connected with Roman Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor.

American actress Carrie Fisher passed away on Tuesday at age 60 in Los Angeles, the cause of death was a heart attack. K. Fisher is known in particular for her role as Princess Leia in the movie Star wars.

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