Putin instructed the Central Bank to reduce interest rates on loans to regions

Vladimir Putin recommended the Central Bank to take measures to reduce interest rates on loans, issued to subjects of the Russian Federation, the official website of the Kremlin.

Debts should not wag regional budgets

To do this, the controller instructed prior to 1 March in the framework of implementation measures to reduce the deficits of regional budgets and debt burden on them.

Also, until November 1, and annually thereafter, the heads of higher Executive bodies in the regions it is necessary to conduct inventory of property owned by entities to identify unused and involved in the economic turnover. In addition, they should privatize the assets owned by the entities, but do not yield income and not used to solve social problems.

In addition, the President instructed to establish a debt policy actors on an annual basis until approval of the budgets for the year. It should determine the use of state securities of the subject as a source of long term Finance the budget deficit and to minimize the involvement of commercial loans.

Plenipotentiary representatives of the President in Federal districts has been given until December 1, and then every year to monitor the implementation of these measures.

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