St. Isaac’s Cathedral will evaluate the consequences of the transfer of the ROC

St. Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/RIA Novosti

The administration of St. Isaac’s Cathedral will study how much the state will manage its transition to the jurisdiction of the ROC. According to the Director of the Museum, the transfer process may be delayed due to a variety of objects from the Museum collection

The administration of the Museum “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” will appreciate the consequences of his transfer to the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church, told RBC Director of the Museum Nikolai Burov. According to him, now the Cathedral serves as an important source of income, and after his loss to the Museum complex will cease to be self-sustaining. “We are frantically trying to calculate how and what it will cost the city,” — said the Director.

Burov emphasized that difficulties may arise with the objects that belong to the state Museum Fund. To transfer the monument to the end of 2017 will not work: the Director cited the example of St Sampson’s Cathedral, which was 141 a subject — to transmit the ROC in 2016, it took a year and a half. The Boers said that in the case of St. Isaac’s Cathedral we are talking about thousands of items. “This is a very expensive and boring. How it will be done, I do not imagine”, — he concluded.

In 2015, the Boers estimated the turnover of the Museum complex is 650 million rubles per year. Of these, about RUB 200 million the administration spent on the restoration. 50-70 million rubles. the city received in taxes. “Fontanka” wrote that earnings for the year 2016 amounted to 800 million rubles Other data on revenues is not in the database “SPARK-Interfax” the last financial statements dated 2006.

Of the impending transfer of the Cathedral to the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church until December of 2017 reported by “Fontanka” with reference to anonymous sources in the administration of St. Petersburg. The interlocutor of the edition noted that to complete the task by year-end will fail “because of paperwork”. “Most likely, the real term in 2019”, — he stressed. January 10, St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko confirmed that “the question of the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral in the use of the Russian Orthodox Church resolved”. He said that he agreed with Patriarch Kirill and the Council “will maintain a Museum and educational function”.

Earlier the city authorities opposed the transfer of the Cathedral. So, in the fall of 2015, the administration of St. Petersburg refused this question to Metropolitan Varsonofy, explaining his decision on economic expediency. In 2016, the diocese has appealed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the Governor of St. Petersburg with a request to return the Russian Orthodox Church, St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

Since the treatment of the diocese two years ago, repeated requests for the transfer of the Cathedral to the administration not reported, said RBC head of the information Department of the administration of St. Petersburg Andrei Kibito.

“The diocese has never wavered from its position in the transmission of the Cathedral in order to fulfill its main purpose, — told RBC head of communications, Saint-Petersburg Metropolitanate Natalia Rodomanova. — All issues associated with economic expediency can be addressed by the adoption of any agreements between the city administration and the diocese”.

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