Analysts forecast Russia’s GDP growth in 2018 1.5%

The growth of Russia’s GDP in 2017 will amount to 1.1% and in 2018 – 1.5 percent, according to Bloomberg.

Wheat instead of oil. Experts predicted Russia end the crisis and GDP growth

A survey of economists showed that the main factor of growth will be growing the commodity market, including oil. In addition, will affect the situation by improving the investment climate and reducing political risks for foreign investors due to the possible easing of US sanctions against Russia.

Meanwhile, the world Bank forecasts Russia’s GDP growth in 2017, 1.5%, and in 2018 – by 1.7%. Moody’s expects growth in 2017 is 1% and the S&P forecasts growth of 1.6%.

The Finance Ministry did not rule out that in 2017, GDP growth will accelerate to 1.5%.

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