App for contraception and some of the bacteria

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The staff of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Hebrew University) found a new mechanism by which bacteria successfully resist antibiotics. Earlier studies have shown that microorganisms can go into hibernation for the duration of the treatment of antibacterial drugs, and the way to counter people did well, making the course longer – the antibiotic killed the bacteria immediately after their spill. However, in turn, bacteria have learned to deal with such therapy, some of them coming out of hibernation, begin to mutate 20 times faster and, therefore, develop resistance to the drug before it has time to act on them.

In Japan has developed a gadget that, if necessary, may report to the owner that he smells bad. The creators of a handheld device, KunKun said that people often can not feel the smell, and the surrounding at the same time feel it more than good. Gadget analyzes the chemical composition of air, identifying in this connection, characteristic of the causative agents of odor, and then informs its owner about the presence of these compounds through the app. Sales will begin this summer, and the next version will react not only to body odor but in excessive amounts of perfume, the smell of tobacco and Pets.

Engineers at the University of California in San Diego (University of California San Diego) has developed a new tool that will help you to find pathogenic bacteria in a blood sample in a matter of hours instead of several days. The system finds more than one bacterium, and many, launching a large number of chemical reactions, each of which is a microscopic part of the initial sample. The test’s accuracy is 99%, which is much higher than that of standard tools. Now researchers are working to reduce the size of the system, are going to teach her to identify viral and fungal infections, as well as to search for genes of resistance to antibiotics.

In Siberia, offered to fight the flu with the help of medical masks polyester fiber with silver nano. The silver layer with a thickness of 30-50 nanometers gives this mask additional properties – it protects not only against accidental drops that may contain pathogens, and bacteria, but also viruses. From the same material proposed to make filters for air conditioners in public transport. However, in the near future the production of nano-silver padding will not start – no investors.

Created the first app for a smartphone, which with an accuracy of 99.9% will tell a woman which days there is a danger of getting pregnant, and what you should not worry about it. Natural Cyclesежедневно measures the temperature of its owner, and then using a proprietary algorithm, calculates safe days, marking them on the calendar in green. The program has been certified in Germany, and clinical trials involving a million women showed that the app is as effective as oral contraceptives.

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