Head coach of the Russian biathlon Fourcade wants to invite for tea

The head coach of Russian national team on biathlon Alexander Kasperovich wants to invite French biathlete Martin Fourcade on tea, to reconcile it with Anton Shipulin, according to “Sport-Express”.

“Martin, you’re a pig.” As Fourcade crossed the road to the national team of Russia

“I have an idea to invite the French to yourself, drink tea, chat. There will be enough tea to make peace? Coaches pour of vodka. Just kidding,” said Kasperovich, adding that the reconciliation Fourcade and Shipulin will create in biathlon good-natured atmosphere, “no dirty looks”.

Earlier Fourcade in the mixed relay shot down a Russian biathlete Alexander Loginov, and at the finish, without violating the rules, “cut” Shipulin. At the ceremony, the Russians refused to shake his hand, after which he demonstratively resigned, but later returned. In an interview, he said that “it was a great battle with Russia, from the beginning to the end.”

Shipulin, in turn, declared that didn’t shake hands Fourcade for his unsportsmanlike conduct. Also today it became known that tomorrow Fourcade and Shipulin have to shake hands on the insistence of the International biathlon Union.

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