His Fulton: the tenth anniversary of the Munich speech of Vladimir Putin

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Offensive speech of the Russian President was a “professional foul”. He wanted to frighten the West with its frankness, believing that “partners” in response to step up. The effect was reversed, but this version was wrong: you do not want

Still away from their posts George Bush and Tony Blair, the Arab spring and the tire smoke of the Maidan and did not smell, Dmitry Medvedev was chosen as the successor of the Russian President and no one used the rich of the word “tandem” to the invasion of Georgia was still more than two years, until the law on foreign agents had to live five years, trump tried to sell square in their new tower in Chicago began a new economic crisis, and Vladimir Putin, speaking on 10 February 2007 on the Munich conference on security policy, told what he really thinks about the West and about where Russia is headed.

The end of an illusion

All that was said in the Munich speech 10 years ago, formed the basis of policy of the third term of Vladimir Putin. Implementing the ideas of the Munich speech was postponed for objective reasons: a pause was taken for the period of Dmitry Medvedev’s rule, gave rise to the illusion of Westernization in Russia. But in 2012, Putin dismantled the policies of his successor and predecessor simultaneously at a speed of no less than Donald trump gets rid of the legacy of Barack Obama.

Vladimir Putin was not of the evolution of views and it became apparent at least since the return of the Soviet anthem in 2001, and the words “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe” were uttered already in 2005. But he held the evolution of external behavior, and its culmination came in 2007. Despite the “friendship” with Bush and Blair, he was not accepted as an equal in the community of world leaders and at some time felt released from the need to comply with, as he himself said in his Munich speech, “excessive politeness” and use “diplomatic terms”. To complete freedom of hands — the annexation of Crimea — still had to survive. But since Munich began the freedom of speech — it Putin will be back when again becomes President. Perhaps if there was no break for Medvedev, cold war 2.0 has begun much earlier. Although it was during a session of questions and answers in Munich-2007 someone suggested that from now historians will tell the beginning of a new cold war.

Standing on the background of the inscription “peace through dialogue”, the Russian President broke very energetic applause from the audience. He ritually quoting something duty why-that of Franklin Roosevelt, and then very quickly made the audience numb — struck a “unipolar world”, who “never took place” and contrary to “the moral basis of modern civilization”, and leads to the fact that “we are constantly being taught about democracy”, and themselves “for some reason do not want to learn”.

Simmering, the well-tempered anger was growing in this speech, and after a few rhetorical cadences Putin called the “odnokolernyh” — the United States, around the world who impose their “law”. Thinking the world in terms of “zones of influence”, and Putin believed the expansion of NATO to the East of the actual invasion of “his” territory, especially as it has been several years since the elections in Ukraine in 2004, which cruelly was frustrirani the Russian political class, the main fear, which became the fictional “orange revolution” in Russia.

As the world’s media reacted to Putin’s Munich speech 10 years ago

Relationship to the North Atlantic Alliance opened up, if you will, the existential irreducibility of the world views the West and Putin’s Russia. During the session of questions and answers, someone said: Mr President, it is not clear that the accession to NATO of new countries is not a military threat, and self-determination of democratic States, the search for their institutional anchors, speaking in terms of Putin, adherence to the moral basis of modern civilization. No, said the President is a military-political bloc, and so he expands “against someone”, and not just.

The stamps, which are visualized in childhood cartoons from the “Truth” about American imperialism and NATO, to destroy impossible. This is the rare case when the time is powerless.

Another stamp was also presented to the world in the Munich speech. And it is also very Soviet prejudice. It is described by the saying “he Who pays the Piper calls the tune”. If people with this mindset believe in something, it is not Marx, Lenin or God. It’s faith in money that they decide everything for them, you can buy everything, including the influence of one state on another.

Non-governmental organizations, Putin said, once funded, therefore are “controlled”. It was the first flashes of lightning, which then will burn down the entire NCO sector in Russia, depriving the help of so many people, obeniu social, humanitarian and cultural components of life.

Where could be civil society, the result is the bike Surgeon. And he came from Munich.

From Munich to the Crimea

The performance in Munich is sometimes compared to Fulton speech of Winston Churchill. If this comparison is correct, it is only in the sense that the Munich speech was a harbinger of a cold war 2.0 and a very serious symptom of the fact that the post-Soviet world order is shaken, and the story, the end of which was proclaimed by Francis girl fighting in 1989, is returned.

In fact, in 2007, Putin went for broke. He was no longer a mystery for the West, especially after the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and the formation of a fully controlled Parliament in 2003. the Relationship slowly but consistently deteriorated. Paradoxically, this offensive and hate speech was a “professional foul”: the Russian President wanted to frighten the West with its frankness, believing that perhaps “Western partners” will consider its concerns and made a few steps forward. Putin presented a list of grievances as if waiting for comfort and assurances of the perfect consideration. The effect was reversed, but this option is Used to calculate: you do not want, Russia from a part of the West will turn into sverhsekretnye island.

On this day, Putin has lost Europe and perhaps the entire West. And judging by what happened next, he personally decided for themselves that they are free in their actions: if you fail to become a world leader according to the Western rules, it will become a world leader by his own rules. This is very similar to, like, do not fit into the global University rankings, our universities are beginning to create their own, where they immediately begin to occupy the first position.

From Munich speech grew another, which was its sequel, and the logical conclusion of appeal on 18 March 2014 on the Crimean referendum. There have already appeared and the “fifth column” and “national traitors”.

Munich ended in the Crimea and the Donbass.

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