Media learned details of the RAID of Russian air force on the positions of the Turkish army

Turkish soldiers on the Turkish-Syrian border

Photo: Umit Bektas / Reuters

FSI Russian planes operated in a routine mode, in a RAID on al-Bab, which killed Turkish soldiers. Possible cause of the incident were the actions of the Turkish command, reports “Kommersant”

The newspaper’s sources in the military administration of Russia, said that the RAID was done experienced crews bombers su-24m and su-34 and su-25 CM that have previously conducted joint operations with the Turkish air force. Goal to strike was agreed upon by the General staff of Russia and Turkey and of the command of the air forces of the two countries on the basis of cosmic and human intelligence.

As a result, about 8:40 local time, the aircraft from the air base Hamim flew to El Baba and dropped the bomb “without critical deviation”. The error became known after the crew returned to the airfield in the province of Latakia from Turkish side.

The newspaper’s sources suggested that one of the reasons for the incident could be an unplanned move of the Turkish group in the square, a pre-determined bombing. However, to find out exactly this will be possible only after a jointly conducted investigation.

Urgent negotiations immediately after the incident in al Bab was held by the chief of the General staff of Russia Valery Gerasimov and his Turkish counterpart Hulusi Akar. A telephone conversation also took place between the presidents of Russia and Turkey in the course of which Vladimir Putin has offered condolences to Recep Erdogan.

According to an expert from the International strategic research organization in Ankara Kerim hasa, the Russian President “behaved very well”. The analyst supposes that the incident in al Bab will not lead to a cooling of relations, but, on the contrary, encourage the command of the two countries for closer coordination.

As a result of unintended strike of Russian air force on the positions of the Turkish army three soldiers killed, 18 injured.

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