“Prohibited substances”. That was removed a biathlete Ekaterina Glazyrina?

Started with a scandal the biathlon world Championships on the morning of the second day got the same scandalous continuation. Alas, it is associated with doping and the athlete of Russia. But it’s not Alexander Loginov.

The international biathlon Union (IBU), about announced that it has decided to suspend the Russian biathlete Ekaterina Glazyrina on the basis of the report of the independent expert WADA Richard McLaren.

In a press release: “Gathering additional information and documentation, the working group came to the conclusion to suspend the athlete due to samples that may contain prohibited substances. The results of the doping tests conducted by RUSADA may have been tampered with”.

Glazyrina suspended until the final investigation of the IBU. It is noted that the athlete and biathlon Union of Russia was informed of the temporary suspension. The athlete will be given the opportunity to speak at the preliminary hearing.

“To crush us out”. Anfisa Reztsova – about the situation in biathlon

I must say that the decision was taken at the last moment. Until the morning of February 10, Ekaterina Glazyrina was stated at the start of the sprint race, and had to go the distance under 10-m number.

The replacement for Glazyrina Irina Pluginu Russian coaches announced around noon. The head coach of Russian national team Alexander Kasperovich told the journalists: “This is a tactical move”. The change occurred before the announcement of the temporary suspension, but the word “dope” just hung in the air.

A “victim” of the report of the McLaren

That Glazyrina can be a problem, it became known almost immediately after the publication of the second part of the report of Richard McLaren, which of involvement in doping was charged from 31 Russian biathlete.

This huge number of largely was the reason for the signing of foreign athletes bulk letters with an appeal to toughen the penalties for doping. At the same time, though not mentioned, but it was assumed that primarily it will be about Russian.

However, with accusations that McLaren is not all right. It turned out that the expert, to put it mildly, worked inaudible. To date, with 22 biathletes cleared of all charges, in three cases it was found that the athletes had been previously punished.

Six cases of the Russians, clarity on who is still there. Their names are unknown, but until today it was assumed that this number is Ekaterina Glazyrina.

31 “friend” of the McLaren. What will happen with the Russian biathletes?

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“How is that possible! Still girl!”

The fact that the investigation of McLaren there is correspondence of the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkov there is correspondence with a certain Alexei Velikodny — the so-called officials, who in 2013 served as Deputy Director of the Centre for sports training.

In correspondence talking about covering up positive doping tests some women. “If she appears on the stages of the world Cup will be a very ugly situation for the laboratory, if we “found nothing” in its analysis at this concentration,” the remark sounds in the correspondence. “Yes, how is this possible! Still girl!”, — outraged Rodchenkov.

The correspondence is not called name, but because of the competition and charges involving an athlete, it was possible to calculate that the speech can go about Ekaterina Glazyrina.

The scandal of the biathlon world Championships in Tyumen. The main thing

Who is Ekaterina Glazyrina?

29-year-old Ekaterina Glazyrina made his debut in the world Cup in 2011. The winner in the individual races do not become, once occupied 2nd and 3rd places and several times stood on the podium of the world Cup in the relay race.

Glazyrina got to national team structure on the Olympic games in Sochi, where she won the 61 th place in the individual race, but was then included in the relay. However, shortly before the race coaching Council replaced Glazyrina on Ekaterina Shumilova.

“Not the team, and… Thank you to everyone who was there for those four years. Who share the joy of victory, supported and encouraged, when there were defeats, setbacks and injuries. Thanks to all who believed. Everything will be tomorrow. It’s not even in my uniform. Decided weather,” wrote then Glazyrina in the social network.

After the Olympics Glazyrina first removed from the national team, but then returned. In the season of 2014/2015 in the pursuit race at the world Cup in Hochfilzen, where the word is and the current world championship, now showed his best result −2nd place.

Season 2015/2016 athlete missed pregnancy, and returned before the start of the current. Like most Russians, nothing outstanding showed. The best results — 6th place in the individual race in Ostersund and 5th place in the Antholz relay.

And in December of 2016 was announced, the McLaren report, referred to above.

“Indisputable evidence”. Richard McLaren was sentenced Russia?

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Arguments, facts and … “idea”

Logical question — why in such conditions Glazyrina generally included in the squad for the world Cup?

Apparently, by the same token, why the wording of the IBU ring very carefully. It can be assumed that the evidence against Glazyrina , in addition to the above correspondence, yet could not be found.

In the end, international officials decided to suspend the athlete only at the last moment. That, however, the situation is better not to do.

Deputy Prime Minister, Vitaly Mutko, quoted by “Sport-Express”, said: “the Federation need to be more attentive. There not just like the application sent. Plus you need to establish communication with the international organization. Weird. The solution is no until there is an investigation. Kate’s not suspended. Why would the application take? But may correctly. Better safe than sorry. Not to take away the medal.”

Went around the world. Alexander Tikhonov about the lost championship on biathlon

But the words of the quadruple Olympic champion, former President of the RBU Alexander Tikhonov is also quite logical: “It is a complete disgrace! From McLaren, WADA, IBU. After all, there is no legal document that proves something about Glazyrina. And they removed one after the other. We need to challenge! Not to be bypassed, where is the reason? Prove it! And so — just words…”.

Tikhonov is right that in recent times the sport has become too much to be “on concepts”. The same baiting Alexander Loginov to the law is irrelevant — Martin Fourcade with like-minded people suddenly decided that some “unwritten rules” allow you to behave like… Well, like an animal, which Fourcade compared commentator Dmitry Guberniev. In the situation with Glazyrina words also become important evidence.

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Well, for starters, another news from the headquarters of the Russian national team biathlete Darya Virolainen, declared to the world Cup, sent to Moscow for examination “because of the worsening of the disease.” I want to believe that in this case the “disease” is a disease.

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