QUIZ: are you an addictive personality?

1. How do you feel about risk?

a) Sometimes it is necessary – 2.
b) Try to avoid it – 1.
C) the Risk – a noble cause – 3.

2. Are you a sports fan?

a) Yes – 3.
b) love Sports, but the fan itself does not think – 2.
C) Sports are not interested in – 1.

TEST: a Crisis for you – it’s time to be sad?

3. Are you ready to drop everything not to miss another episode of your favorite show?

a) I’m doing well – 3.
b) May, if the case is not urgent – 2.
C) No, it’s not about me – 1.

4. Whether you collect coins, badges, stamps or anything like that?

a) Yes, I’m interested – 3.
b) Collected (a), but now is not – 2.
C) is Not, and never did (a) – 1.

5. Do you like to argue?

a) In extreme cases, and do not – 1.
b) Sometimes, if the dispute is of a fundamental nature or was very interested in his theme – 2.
C) Yes, even without good reasons – 3.

6. Even for big money you will buy a ticket to the concert of your favorite artist?

a) In principle, Yes – 3.
b) Only if there is substantial reason – 2.
C) No – 1.

7. Whether impulsive actions?

a) Almost never – 1.
b) Often – 3.
C) Sometimes 2.

TEST: do you Succumb to hypnosis?

8. Select the statement that you most agree

a) And a strong passion and a total lack of passion is equally harmful – 2;
b) Any passion eventually turns against you – 1;
C) great things are not accomplished without passion – 3.

9. Do you play gambling?

a) Yes, sometimes – 3.
b) Occasionally, for fun – 2.
C) No – 1.

10. For the sake of work you are able to withdraw from this weekend?

a) On its own initiative, no – 1.
b) Quite likely – 2.
in) This has happened time and again – 3.

11. Do you collect newspaper clippings about celebrities?

a) In the past I had that passion – 2.
b) Yes – 3.
C) Never assembled (a) – 1.

QUIZ: do you Know how to cope with problems?

Summarize points and review conclusions.

11-17 points. You know: to myself a little shake and fun to your life, it is useful something to get involved. But the extremes you are, in General, not inclined.

18-25 points. You are able to get involved, but you can’t say that without a sense of self-control. To always keep the Golden mean, don’t go on about their emotions and remember: irony also kills the excessive passion as water extinguishes fire.

26-33 points. You are most likely infatuated by nature. Cultivate moderation. And not to lose his head in any circumstances you will help critical look at their actions and deeds.

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