Scientists have found ways to accelerate the development of new drugs

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Researchers from York University (York University) for the first time created three-dimensional model of cardiac tissue that is able to pulsate like a real heart. Scientists have managed to string together three kinds of tissues from different cells – contractile cardiac muscle cells, vascular cells and connective tissue cells. According to the researchers, which was led by Professor Muhammad Yousaf (Muhammad Yousaf), previously when joining different fabrics moved at a different rhythm, and only now managed to connect different structures so that the frequency match.

The discovery is useful primarily for testing new drugs. Testing can be started early and if the drug will be toxic or harmful – a new model of the heart will reveal it faster. In addition, with the help of a substance, which employees of the University of York was used for bonding of tissues of a different type, it will be possible to work in other laboratories studying heart disease and problems arising from the transplantation.

One of the members of the research team explained that the creation of fabrics that are capable of harmonious movement, has long caused difficulty due to the high density of cells in heart tissues and a large number of muscles. To two-dimensional or three-dimensional model of cardiac tissue functioned fully, it is necessary that the density of cells was equally high, and they should communicate with each other.

In Intermonsoon University (Binghamton University), experts were also engaged in creating an artificial body for studying it in the laboratory. They developed a multilayer model of the kidney to spend on her experiences and work through different situations encountered in medical practice. Artificial kidney can be used repeatedly, the liquid flows in it in the same way as in the present, and for the first time for such models – the system works of glomerular filtration. A graduate of the University of Sakalis Courtney (Courtney Sakolish) explained that this model is a unique opportunity to test the interaction of drugs with cells and tissues of the kidney. It is possible that such models will become an alternative to animal testing in preclinical studies. Artificial kidney, is able to reconstruct the process of glomerular filtration, has the advantage over other models of cells it behave similar to the cells of the human body.

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