Sweet protons

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My son Bob was sixteen. What can surprise the teenager, who himself orders a gift for a birthday, and my task is only to wait for the courier to pay, not even knowing what is in the box? Last time I ordered him a cake for my seventh birthday – something with the players and gates. Then he categorically rejected the cakes and tradition of blowing out the candles. But he was sixteen, and I wanted it… at least laugh.

Cakes now available in the most sophisticated taste and for any occasion – from the images of the fisherman to the tanker. For men a separate section – cakes, decorated with naked women from mastic, a suitcase of money, a gun. Until the age of adulthood – cars, people, spiders, robots, and again the players. Son – physicist-mathematician. I even found a cake shop that offers cakes, builders, firefighters, police officers, musicians. But apparently physics and mathematics of the cakes do not eat.

Time doubt. How to understand the psychology of a teenager?

However, there is the option of cake for your order. Now imagine how I’m called and asked to make a cake in the form of nanoparticles, the Wilson cloud chamber, or at least the hadron Collider. A day later I found a cake shop. That is, a girl who knew what atom. I could not believe my ears.

– We did a cake for Rosatom, explained the lady, we can do you the same, but the inscription is different. Neutrons you what color to do? Red or blue?

Then I fainted and said that’ll do any, because I didn’t know what color they should be.

Cake delivered on time, tied with a bow. I didn’t know where the atom is up and down, so the figures-candles stuck on the side. And was very proud of myself.

The son blew out the candles and ate a piece.

– Did you like it?

– Yes, only protons and electrons do not lay there where it is necessary, – replied the son.

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