The police are checking video from a traffic violation the Director of “Lenkom”

Moscow police are checking the situation around the scandal, which took place on Malaya Dmitrovka street.

We do not give up. Members of the movement “Stopham” attacked the bus with Riot police

According to the publication, Moscow 24, the young man was caught on camera parked on the sidewalk of the driver on the car with numbers of AMR and reprimanded him. Released from the car the driver turned out to be the Directors of the theatre “Lenkom” mark Varshaver the. He entered the fray with his shot a pedestrian and demanded to stop shooting.

The author of the video claims that he tried to force stop the recording power. Mark Varshaver explained that the car drove up to the service entrance for unloading of printed materials, thus, rules he did not break. However, the young man, he said, prevented travel and filming everything on camera.

Varshaver noted that he did not intend to file claims in this case.

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