What you write in France about the new scandal with the Russian athletes

Alexander Loginov (left) and Anton Shipulin

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov / TASS

In the world of biathlon, a new scandal: the Russian team got in a fight with the main star of this sport, the Frenchman Martin Fourcade. During the mixed relay, he knocked down Russian Alexander Loginov, and at the end of the race did not want to stand on the same pedestal with the Russians, who then refused to shake his hand. On the reaction of the French media to what happened in the review of the RBC


“Between the Russians and the French began the cold war. And Shipulin, Loginov refused to shake hands with Fourcade on the podium. They accused him of foul during the race. But the roots of the differences go much deeper.

The French have not won in the relay as a year ago in Oslo. They were second behind the Germans. But who cares! At the moment, more importantly, they beat the Russians”.


“Clash on the track, a provocative gesture at the finish line and a strong wind on the runway. The world Championships opened on Thursday in Hochfilzen, became part of a new confrontation between Martin Fourcade and his opponents from Russia. The French made up the mixed relay in second place behind the Germans.

But consolation was the fact that they beat the Russians, with whom they have a terrible relationship because of suspicions of doping at the Olympics in Sochi. <…> The double Olympic champion, tenfold world champion and five-time winner of the Big crystal globe Martin Fourcade will have the opportunity to meet with their Russian friends on the next start, which will continue until February 19. The spectacle is guaranteed.”


“We knew that He has a grudge against the Russians. Now aware of the whole world. Tensions between the Russian and French have reached a new level after the mixed relay at the world Cup in Hochfilzen: Russians refused to shake hands with Fourcade, and he left the podium, when the Russian team went up to receive their bronze medals.

Russian athletes criticized the allegedly unsportsmanlike gesture Fourcade vs Alexander Loginov, who returned after two years doping-related disqualification. When the transfer relay between the third and fourth stage, Fourcade crossed the track before finishing Loginov, which led to the fall of the Russian athlete”.

Le Monde

“On the podium He pointedly ignored the Russian, and then ironically applauding them. Earlier he expressed the idea of boycotting the world Cup in case of the admission of his rivals from Russia, accused of the existence of the state system of doping”.


“Martin Fourcade made clear their dissatisfaction with the presence of Russian biathlon, which on the basis of race climbed to the third step of the podium, but for the last few months are located in the heart of the controversy caused by the problem of doping in their country.

In the fight for clean sport double Olympic champion Sochi supported rider Romain bardet. “In word and deed. Excellent presentation, but especially [valuable] beliefs an outstanding athlete,” — wrote in his microblog on Twitter Barda, who became the second in the last Tour de France”.

Notre temps

“Police RAID at the hotel where is located the national team of Kazakhstan, a lot of tension between Martin Fourcade and Russian from-for suspicions and settling old scores: doping problems hanging over the world Championships, which started on Thursday in Hochfilzen in a bad atmosphere. The two cases negative for the International biathlon Union who is under pressure after revelations from the report of McLaren, developed the state system of doping in Russia. The report doping was charged with 31 biathlete.

Under pressure from reproaching IBU too soft biathletes, including Fourcade, the international biathlon Union on Wednesday decided to establish a working group to strengthen the penalties for doping. In addition, Russia was deprived of the right to host the world Cup in biathlon, which originally was to be held in Tyumen in 2021″.


“It’s not a secret — Martin Fourcade does not like lies. Doping some of the Russian athletes, which were discussed in the report of the McLaren (for example, Alexander Loginov, who was disqualified for two years), cannot be supported. Confirmed on the catwalk.

In that moment, when the Russian was called to the podium, Martin Fourcade ironically applauded them down in front of this podium, not to get them on one photo, after Anton Shipulin French refused to shake the athlete’s hand. In the end, the Frenchman returned to the podium to avoid disqualification. The footage show that during the race He hooked Loginova during the changeover that led to the fall of the Russian athlete”.