Zakharchenko explained the death of Givi Ukraine’s desire to force the DNR to take revenge

Alexander Zakharchenko

Photo: Press-service of A. Zakharchenko / RIA Novosti

The self-proclaimed head of the Donetsk national Republic (DND) said that the purpose of the recent terrorist attacks in the Donbass was an attempt to force the militias to attack

As reports “Donetsk news Agency”, Alexander Zakharchenko day on February 9 called for the position of the militia, where he recorded a video message. In it, he suggested that the purpose of the recent terrorist attacks, including the murder in Makeyevka Mikhail Tolstoy (call Givi) was to try “to move the situation on the confrontation line”.

“We are forced to take revenge for the Bear to attack”, — said Zakharchenko, noting that militias provoke to disrupt the Minsk agreement. “This attack will be completely random, so we will be prepared, and for Givi in any case we will have our revenge””, – he promised.

The representative of command of the DND Eduard Bacurin stated that the military Prosecutor’s office of the Republic came on the trail of the perpetrators of the murder Givi. In the crime he accused the Ukrainian saboteurs.

Givi was killed on February 8 at 6:12 MSK in his office in the city of Makeyevka. In his office, shot from a flame thrower “bumblebee”.

After a few hours after the murder of the representative of the Ministry of defence DND said that the attacks are Ukrainian special services and personally the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoran Shkiriak. Latest in an interview with RBC his involvement in the incident flatly denied.

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