Iran announced the opening of airspace to Russian planes VC

Russia continued to use Iranian airspace for operations in Syria, said the Secretary of the Supreme national security Council of Iran. Operations by Russian aircraft refueling was not, he said

The Secretary of the Supreme national security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani told Fars News Agency that Iran has allowed Russia to use its airspace for operations in Syria.

“They [Russia. — RBC] continued to use Iranian airspace, as we have with Russia comprehensive strategic cooperation,” he said. While Shamkhani added that “in recent cases, the” Russian fighters “used only Iranian airspace, but operations, refuelling was not.”

According to Fars news Agency, Shamkhani made the remarks in connection with publications in “Western media” that six Russian bombers Tu-22M was used and the airspace, and the air base to Iran to conduct operations in Syria.

In August of last year Russia has started using the Iranian Hamadan air base for strikes in Syria. 20 August, Iranian defense Minister Hossein Dehgan said that the Russian VKS can use the base as long as you wish, but two days later, on August 22, the foreign Ministry spokesman of Iran Bahram ghasemi said that Russia has completed the use of the base. The same was reported by the Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan of jagaran.

Dehgan, commenting on the incident, expressed open dissatisfaction with the way the news about the use of the database is covered by the Russian side. “The Russians are interested in how to show themselves to the superpower and to ensure its role in determining the political future of Syria. And of course, they had observed a certain amount of posturing and ungentlemanly behavior,” he stressed.

The source in bodies of military management of Russia, told “Kommersant” that Moscow and Tehran there was “some misunderstanding”: the Russian military wanted to use the airbase not only airfields, but also as a full-fledged military facility with the appropriate weapons., Tehran, however, this option is not staged.

26 Nov Dehgan did not rule out the possibility of using Russian military base in Hamadan. According to him, Tehran is ready to cooperate with Moscow that will allow us to support the legitimate government of Syria.

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