Shipulin and Fourcade shook hands and made up.

Olympic Champions in biathlon Anton Shipulin and Martin Fourcade made a conciliatory handshake after the sprint race at the world Championships in Austria, the press service of the Russian biathlon Union.

“Martin, you’re a pig.” As Fourcade crossed the road to the national team of Russia

Thus, athletes have reconciled after a conflict during the mixed relay on February 9, when the ceremony of the Russian national team won “bronze”, Anton Shipulin, Alexander Loginov and not to shake hands with Fourcade. After that, the Frenchman left the ceremony, but then returned. Shipulin later explained that he refused a handshake with Fourcade for his unsportsmanlike conduct: when the transfer relay in the final stage, the Frenchman, provoked the fall Loginova.

Yesterday it became known that the international biathlon Union insisted on a conciliatory handshake athletes. On the same day, the head coach of the Russian national team in biathlon Alexander Kasperovich expressed a desire to invite Him to tea, to reconcile it with Shipulin.

Today it became known that in response to the Frenchman joked: “tea is usually invited by the British. I expect they will invite me to drink vodka.”

Two-time Olympic biathlon champion said that the incident at the ceremony will not affect his relationship with Shipulin, writes TASS. Fourcade confirmed that he had discussed the incident with the Russian athlete in the chat. “I know Anton for ten years, and what happened on the podium two days ago, will not affect our good relations. I continue to think well of him and know that he is of the same opinion about me. We would prefer to forget about it, as if nothing had happened”, – quotes Agency the words of the French athlete.

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