The media learned about the injured employee of Sberbank in the case of “Humpty Dumpty”

Photo: Dominic Lipinski / TASS

In the case of the “Humpty Dumpty” appears the only victim, writes “Rosbalt”. According to the newspaper, he became Director of the Directorate for project management in the sphere of housing and communal services of Sberbank

According to “Rosbalt”, which references familiar with the situation source the investigative Department of the FSB in the framework of the case against the members of the group “Humpty Dumpty” was recognized as the injured a single person. He became Director of the Directorate for project management in the sphere of housing and communal services of Sberbank, Vice-President, Federal authorized organization “Universal electronic card” (UEC), Yevgeny Kislyakov.

According to investigators, according to the publication, in February last year, the party of “Humpty Dumpty,” Vladimir Anikeyev, along with partners used malware and got illegal access to your mailbox Kislyakova. The result was downloaded and posted on the Internet of his personal and official correspondence. On one of the carriers seized from Anikeeva after the arrest in the fall of 2016, was discovered this information, said to “Rosbalt”, and Anikeev and another defendant in the case, Konstantin Teplyakov, confessed in hacking email Kislyakova.

In addition, said the interlocutor of the edition, the record featured the name of the Deputy chief of management on internal policy of presidential administration Timur Prokopenko. His box has been hacked by members of “Humpty Dumpty,” said SU of the FSB. Anikeev for questioning this fact does not refute, writes “Rosbalt”, but the court room while the victim in this case is not recognized.

As noted by the interlocutor of the edition, on the website of “Humpty Dumpty” appeared mailbox content attributed to many officials, businessmen and journalists, but most of them is evidence that it was their mail, deny. This is the reason that injured, they can not be found. The number of persons officially recognized as victims, are difficult, the source said.

Also the source of “Rosbalt” reported that the materials against Anikeeva “in April” will be allocated in a separate proceeding and be submitted to the court.

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