A petition for tax returns trump scored more than 600 thousand signatures

Donald Trump

Photo: Saul Loeb / AFP

A petition on the White house website with the requirement to publish tax return, U.S. President Donald trump has signed more than 600 thousand people. The administration must respond to it after 19 Feb

More than 600 thousand people have signed a petition demanding to immediately publish data on the tax returns of U.S. President Donald trump. The petition was published in the day of the inauguration of the trump 20 Jan.

As of 23:45 GMT 11 Feb signed 628 657 thousand people.

“Unprecedented economic conflicts of this administration must be transparent for the American people, including any documents that could reveal foreign influence and economic interest,” — said in the petition.

A few days after the inauguration of the portal WikiLeaks asked Internet users to send materials for tax reporting of U.S. President Donald trump. “The adviser to trump, Kellyann Conway said today that trump will not publish your tax return. Send it to us so we did it”, — stated in the message portal.

Women’s marches against trump in Washington and in the world

Question about tax returns trump repeatedly raised by his opponents during the election campaign. In particular, during the first debate his opponent from the Democrats Hillary Clinton, who according to polls has won, said that her opponent is afraid to publish the Declaration, as his constituents know that he is not as rich and generous as he speaks of himself. From this document also all know that trump does not pay Federal taxes, that is not financed by the army, the education system and other areas that call for yourself is important in this campaign, suggested Clinton.

In may 2016, in the primaries, to nominate a candidate from the Republican party, trump said that his Declaration is audited and will be published immediately after its completion. Trump then suggested that this will happen before the elections, which took place November 8, 2016.

“In an interview with the Associated Press, I said that my tax documents are subject to the usual audit, I will release my tax returns when this audit is completed. It will not happen after the elections” — promised the President. Prior to this, in an interview with AP he said that in his tax returns is nothing special.

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