Before the match tennis Federation Cup in the US, anthem of the Third Reich

Deprecated stanza of the national anthem of Germany was performed at the opening ceremony of the quarterfinal match of the Federation Cup on tennis among men’s teams in the United States, reports the Associated Press.

“Nothing special.” Why biathletes of Ukraine did not hear the Russian national anthem?

It is reported that before the match between Germany and USA is “Song of the Germans” was sung by the forbidden verses, which were performed during the Third Reich.

Player team Germany’s Andrea Petkovic has called the incident “the epitome of ignorance” and said that he wanted to leave the course. According to female athletes, she had never felt more disrespectful. “This is the worst thing that ever happened to me,” she said.

Meanwhile tennis Association the United States in connection with the incident have already apologized. “We in any case did not want to disrespect the German national team and its fans. This error will not happen again”, – said in a statement.

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