In Britain, said the growth “of cyberagression” from Russia

Photo: Sergey Konkov / TASS

In the Center the national cyber security the UK has pledged to strengthen Russia’s “cyberagression”. For the last time about the growth of cyber attacks from Russia reported, in particular Germany, Czech Republic and the Netherlands

In Britain recorded a growth of cyber attacks by Russian hackers, including at government institutions. This is with reference to the head of the national cyber security Centre (NCSC) Britain’s Kieran Martin reports The Sunday Times.

According to Martin, the Russian aggression in cyberspace has increased significantly, in particular the increase in the number of cyber attacks on “soft targets” such as local councils, charities and universities, where hackers try to obtain personal data or research and development. In addition, hackers are trying to steal from the databases of government agencies classified information concerning foreign policy and defence, added Martin.

He noted that in Britain, the monthly is fixed about 60 serious cyber attacks. Some of them, according to him, committed by hackers, which is sponsored by the Russian government.

In addition, the anxiety of Britain is actively spreading “fake news” which is believed in London, is part of a Kremlin campaign of disinformation, said Martin.

According to The Sunday Times, Tuesday, February 14, Queen of great Britain Elizabeth the Second will open a new kibertsentr NCSC.

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