North Korea has launched ballistic missiles

Launch of a ballistic missile in the DPRK. September 2016

Photo: Korean Central News Agency / AP

North Korea on Sunday morning, February 12, made the launch of ballistic missiles. The launch occurred at 7:55 local time. About the type and characteristics of the rocket information was received

The South Korean military has signalled the start of ballistic missiles from the DPRK, Yonhap news Agency reports with reference to the statement of the Committee of chiefs of defence of the Republic of Korea.

The launch was made at 7:55 local time. The rocket went into the sea of Japan, on the other characteristics and results of the launch information has yet been received.

Earlier on January 19, the Agency, citing military reported that North Korea has created two Intercontinental ballistic missiles and may “soon” be launching them. According to the Agency, the missiles placed on mobile units to conduct test runs. Their length is about 15 meters less than that of the existing armed DPRK’s 20-meter-long KN-08 and 18-meter-long KN-14.

During a new year address to residents of Korea the country’s leader Kim Jong UN said that the development of its own Intercontinental ballistic missiles is in its final stage.

20 Oct Strategic command of the Armed forces of the United States said on another unsuccessful launch of a ballistic missile in North Korea, adding that it was a missile medium-range “Musudan”.

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