Poetry — is the battery

Alexander Kushner, the poet:

— Poetry is the battery, from which we get energy. In this sense the poet can be compared to a priest. When I read Lermontov, his sad “And bored and sad, and there is no one at hand…” — feel that he was a happy, trusting paper these darkest of lines. In the Great Patriotic war was not the soldiers who didn’t know at least a few of his lines. A volume of poems lying in the haversack along with photos of loved ones, letters from home.

From Lavrov to Surkov: what to write poetry and prose by well-known politicians?

Many blamed the young people, they say, it is a little reading, poetry, Russian is not interested in, went into business and the Internet. But I am sure that there will always be young people for whom art, science, nature, and love are more important than a Bank account. Although money is also needed. Walking with an outstretched hand, wanting — God forbid. However, I personally can’t read poetry on the Internet. I need to flip the pages, put “birds” in the fields, if something like. The Internet for poetry in General is disastrous. In the virtual space have accumulated so much garbage that the real masters behind it are not visible. So trust the book.

I have poems that begin with the words: “And if we sleep on clean sheets…” And ends: “And if we sleep — what do you want?” I sincerely believe that no greater happiness than to live in peace, not knowing how to kill in the trenches, just no. Compared to previous generations of our incredibly lucky. Although my childhood had on the war and the blockade, youth coincided with the Khrushchev thaw, a return to normality. So complaining is a sin, and a man of the writer — twice.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko: “Poems born of love and shame”

Of course, the man always was, is and will claim to his time. Because everyone lives according to its laws, it is natural. However, too many did not get a good fate, and this confers upon us certain responsibilities. It is impossible to write poorly, live poorly, to be discouraged. I think if people chose their job, passionate about it, he will feel happy. And material, the geographical position is not important.

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