“Vibration will not be!”: how was the opening of “St. Petersburg Arena”

“St. Petersburg Arena”

Photo: Peter Kovalev / TASS

On Saturday, February 11, began a series of events to test football, “St. Petersburg Arena” — one of the most famous sports protracted. Together with more than 10 thousands citizens in action “First customer” and participated in the RBC. And even found one serious drawback of the stadium, and immediately reported personally to the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albino

Elite sports

It’s really hard to believe, but the stadium in St. Petersburg built, and city officials are beginning to check out his functional readiness. To do this, and need real people and not countless of the Commission or the courts around him. At this time, only the audience was more than 10 thousand, and taking into account the protection and all 15 thousand. At the end of February for the next test event (rock festival) should come already 35 thousand people. The meaning of this and subsequent testing is to fully simulate the situation of an average visit to the stadium the fans pass through the turnstiles to the acoustics of the stadium bowl.

“St. Petersburg arena” is located on Krestovsky island. The height of the stadium is 110 meters. The total area of 287 thousand square meters. The stadium received the status of the arena of the highest category of category “A” (international classification “Elites”). The total cost of the stadium is 43 billion rubles. Capacity – 67.8 thousand spectators at football matches, up to 80 thousand concerts. The stadium is able to make sporting events of almost any nature. The stadium will host football matches of the Confederations Cup 2017, world Cup 2018 and UEFA Euro 2020.

During construction since 2007 many things have changed — the architect of the stadium by the Japanese Kisho Kurokawa died, and Krestovsky island and is located where the stadium suddenly turned into the most elite area of the city. It seems that the city authorities, giving permission for mass building, and even low-rise luxury housing, do not really believe that the building will ever end. Not fully understand the motivation of the people who buy apartments in these houses. Already in Saturday’s first test immediately showed what will have to face every week, and maybe more, residents of the luxury penthouses. The quiet streets leading to the stadium was blocked by “KAMAZ”, the path of the intended route of the fans there were police cars, the Windows it looked concerned residents. Still missing several rows of Riot police, which will firmly block the streets to keep the flow of fans.

Photo: Peter Kovalev / TASS

But by April — then should take place the first matches of “Zenit” at the new stadium — it’s a complete set. Soon, only a few months, an ordinary situation for Petrovsky stadium — while formally the home arena of “Zenith” — will move next door to Central, but in a different scale. Capacity, “Petrovsky” — 21 thousand spectators, and even that amount has caused the ceiling all leading to the stadium streets. The capacity of the new stadium is 68 thousand on matches and up to 80 thousand during concerts.

Photo: Alexander Petrosyan / Kommersant

That these thousands of spectators will be — no doubt. “Petrovsky” have not responded to the requests of wanting to look games “Zenith” in the flesh. In addition, the last few years the club was actively engaged in the outdoor advertising literally every match that was not done in the calculation of the small “Peter” with one of the highest occupancy rates of the stands in Russia. Obviously, with the status of the elite area is now the Central will have to part.

There was much talk as the same will be called the new stadium “Gazprom-arena”, “Zenith arena” or “Krestovsky”. In the coming years, at least until the world Cup 2018 it will be named “St. Petersburg arena” — the name adopted by FIFA. While the city authorities do not exclude that then you can rename the stadium.

Secure facility happy official

While externally the area around the complex is reminiscent of a sensitive object: a high wall with barbed wire, dogs with security, checking the bottoms of buses. And all this recent chaos goes widely smiling Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin — it is responsible in recent years for the construction of the stadium (Albin works in the administration of St. Petersburg in 2014). To be honest, the first time I saw the official of such level is absolutely happy and even carefree. He was a little jealous.

Left to right:Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin, the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko and Vice-Governor Alexander Talkers

Photo: Alexander Koryakov / Kommersant

Inside the stadium on the Segway dissected the head of the City advertising center (GTSRR) Gregory Putintsev. The bureaucratic incident made its formal owner of the stadium from 11 to 22 February. He was also absolutely happy.

— All scared, and we are not afraid to be masters. I was in Sochi at the opening of the stadium. Our and to compare them at all. We had a chance to do! And Sochi was a solid addition after opening. We have it all thought out ventilation, evacuation of the system. Although we worked in military terms.

A little later, Putin admitted that the stadium has some shortcomings: “In the room detention was not bolted benches. And yet I — this is my stadium.”

“The inspectors came, jumped on the field”

During construction around the stadium there were so many scandals, we need to enumerate all — it is meaningless. Some will run a long time — the city is suing former contractors. But the main sticking point in recent months was one of the main features of arena pull-out box. In just a few minutes turf completely leave the stadium to go out in the fresh air of the Gulf of Finland. The world is so used only at the three stadiums. And it is this field not satisfied with FIFA — its inspectors felt that it is unnecessary to vibrate under players.

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Test event, which took place on Saturday, February 11, at the football stadium on Krestovsky island in St. Petersburg, attended by about 10 thousand people. The first spectators…

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“In Russia there are no standards for vibration fields made chief engineer of the municipal Fund of capital construction and reconstruction of Peter Maksakov. — Actually, we developed them from scratch. But the inspectors came, jumped on the field and found that it doesn’t meet their standards”.

As a result, in the coming days will be strengthened the Foundation on which rests the field, added additional points of support — 720 jacks with electric. Due to this is reduced the amplitude of the vibration. In the end, the total number of points of support will be increased more than twice. According to Maksakova, the mobility field is not affected — it should fully go into the fresh air for 20 minutes. The chief engineer assures that all work will be completed by the end of February — then another Commission FIFA will arrive to check the field.

Even on the opening day of the stadium management of St. Petersburg continued the correspondence sword-play with the previous construction contractors (“Transtroy SPb” and “Inzhtransstroy SPb”), barred the town from the project. The intensity of hatred be that of Albin prefers not to even call them names. But since all the major work was carried out by these companies, according to Vice-Governor, on them lies the main fault excessive vibration in the roll-out of the field. Note that the field itself is currently bulging out of the stadium and covered with snow. The next visit of FIFA officials it would roll back and have to leave inside for a long time.

“Vibration will not be!”, — sure promises Albin. He appreciated the work on strengthening the field in tens of millions of rubles. The final estimates of all construction — about 43 billion rubles.

After the show at the stadium Albino “from a grateful community” awarded the Cup for the fight against protracted and Boxing gloves for a fight against negligent contractors. That is, the battle continues, the degree of hatred is not reduced.

Tests rituals

The temporary “owner” of the stadium Grigory Putintsev, besides that directs GTSRR, is still a major city biker — he’s the President of the Association of motorcyclists of St. Petersburg. This explains the choice of the final part of the show “the First visitor” — on the concrete base of the stadium to the roar of rushing cars and motorcycles. The show itself tried to visit all city officials, from the speaker of the Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov to the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, who even honestly raised “wave” with the whole stadium. By the way, make a “wave” is also needed for proper testing.

At the stadium the day of the test was observed all the rituals. So, at the podium of active fans, which is located behind the gates lined up “the astronauts” — the police in full riot gear, including helmets. Although it is clear that on this day, no active fans in the stadium were not.

Among the star guests of the show noted only legend of the “Zenit” goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malafeev. He recently finished his career at the club, but boasted that the first of the team entered the stadium bowl. He hinted that soon the stadium must pass a veterans ‘ match, which he is not averse to participate.

“St. Petersburg arena” is only one element of what built the city to the Confederations Cup, which will be held this year, and the 2018 world Cup. Already built or heavily reconstructed several bridges, tunneling shield a few days ago finished digging the tunnel of metro station “Novorostovskaya” — passengers it will go right to the foot of the stadium.

“The stadium is very difficult is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. So for example, we could not meet the requirements of FIFA that right at the stadium was Parking for 5 thousand cars. In the Parking lots at the stadium, you can only put 2 thousand”, — says General Director of “KB Tall and underground structures” Vladimir Pavlov. As a result, the missing places will be organized on the other side of the Gulf of Finland in Primorsky district. And from there to the stadium is a special pedestrian bridge Yacht.

“For these grandmothers built the usual stadium”

Despite the start of formal testing and the completion of construction, the stadium still has some work to do. Front to work the Vice-Governor Alibo tossed and RBC. A few months ago in the Internet appeared the photograph of grandstand seats abutting the front of the concrete wall that prevents the person from sitting in it. Reality check the pictures that she made on “Saint-Petersburg Stage”, it was impossible to open.

But on Saturday, February 11, RBC found this chair. This angular sector B1, the first row, the leftmost chair. As more places are not numbered, to define more precisely impossible. The logic of such places in the stadium can be a minimum of four from each corner of the auditorium. Maybe those chairs are on the upper tiers of the stadium — there is not yet allowed.

After the show RBC took Igor Albin to that ill-fated chair. “Everything is clear. It happened when they were aligned”, — immediately identified the problem, the Vice-Governor. Moreover, he suggested that the stadium these seats a lot. In any case, he promised Sunday to start checking the stadium to identify such places. Curiously, the chairs were purchased 8 years ago, when the stadium was supposed to be built for 6 billion and in just three years. And since these chairs lay an unnecessary burden.

Decade long played with the “St. Petersburg Arena” a cruel joke. Came to the stadium first audience was slightly disappointed with what he saw. “For these grandmothers were built by ordinary stadium. Glass, plastic, metal,” — said the visitors were part of the “flying saucer” CES Kurokawa.

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