Andrey Nikitin — RBC: “I know a bit Novgorod oblast”

The ASI General Director Andrey Nikitin, on Monday appointed Vladimir Putin as acting Governor of the Novgorod region, told RBC that will sort out the Affairs of the region “most carefully”, and who offered to promote of Directors of the Agency for public office

“If there are good results — it is necessary of Directors of ASI somewhere to promote”

— Who and when you offered to lead Novgorod oblast?


— “Manager” is President?


— When and under what circumstances it occurred?

— Today [Monday, February 13], as it was shown on television.

— Want to say that no you preliminary negotiations are not conducted and you didn’t even know until today?

— Yes, of course.

But it does not happen. Preliminary negotiations are always, it may be that people just refuse.

— You know, about a year ago Herman Gref (Chairman of the Board of Sberbank. — RBC), a member of the Supervisory Board of ASI, at a meeting of the Supervisory Board raised the issue that if there are any good results, it is necessary of Directors of ASI where to promote. He said it just in the mode of discussion. About then the Manager asked me if I was ready to perform more responsible tasks. I said Yes. But no specific conversations had.

— You threw in this new area of work. Not afraid that will not cope?

— To ensure that all happened, you have to listen to the people, to calmly examine the situation in the region and to understand the problems, tasks and challenges. I’m going to deal as carefully as possible.

— That is not you afraid?

— I’m worried, because they have to justify the trust.

— The Novgorod oblast nothing connects you to the region “Varyag”. Does it bother you?

— Does not bother me because I know a bit Novgorod oblast since when did business. I already knew about how the economy works in the region, and there were a few times.

In the past six years I have not followed them [the regional authorities] work, but to say that I don’t know, probably, would not be true. Those things that makes ASI, means that we in a sense work with all regions, we have a lot of projects on the social aspect, there are projects in the field of education (WorldSkills Russia), we produced a rating of investment attractiveness of regions. From this point of view, I also have information how things are going in the Novgorod region.

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— By the way, how attractive Novgorod oblast according to the rating of the ASI, which assesses the investment attractiveness of regions? And how are you going to raise this poor region?

— In the ranking last year, Novgorod region occupies the 65th place. I remind you that the rating is based on assessments of local businesses. The situation with the barriers [for entrepreneurs] is quite heavy.

How am I going to raise a region? I will talk to the people, with entrepreneurs, with investors who have already arrived in Novgorod oblast and which have not yet come. We will develop a strategy.

— There is a problem which is characteristic not only of the Novgorod region, but also for other regions close to Moscow or St. Petersburg: people tend to move to one of the two capitals. As our experts say, “quality of elites” in the Novgorod region is low. How are you going to improve?

— Let the quality of elites leave out. Frames are not only elite. Of course, in the first place to start with the training of professionals and creation of jobs.

— It will take a very long time.

You know, I grew up in a relatively small town in the Chelyabinsk region. And I can say that we need perspective— people need to understand where the region as it appears to the user that plans. And when the prospect is, they begin to relate to my life differently. The main thing now — to create a future for the residents of the region.

“I will focus on the inhabitants of the Novgorod region”

— Will attract people from Moscow or will it just be local?

— First of all I will focus on the inhabitants of the Novgorod region. And the first thing I will try to do is build a team of local leaders. No one better understands the problems of the region than the locals. If something will be missed — we will see. Not only in Moscow but also in other regions. Moscow is not limited. We have lots of regions with qualified leaders.

— When are you going to go for a new job?

— Today food. Tomorrow I go to work.

— You are 37 years old. Last week the acting of the two regions — Perm territory and Buryatia — was appointed people your age also under the age of forty years. The expert community characterizes his latest appointment as a bet on the “young technocrats”. Do you think “a young technocrat” yourself?

— Of course, I’m young. Do yourself a technocrat? Soon, probably, Yes. In my understanding this means transparency, responsibility, orientation on the position of citizens, the desire to be honest.

— Actually, these qualities can not only technocrats possess.

— I see the technocrats.

— According to our information, the next CEO of ASI will be the Director of the direction “Social projects” Svetlana Cumshewa that you recommended. Why did you choose it?

— I recommended all Directors. Said that they are all worthy and I am thankful that they worked with me. And Svetlana Cumshewa works in ACY from the first day, she is one of the most prepared people. But what decision is made, we’ll know when the time comes.

Who is Andrew Nikitin

Andrei Nikitin was born on 26 November 1979 in Moscow. In 2001 he graduated from the State University of management, and in 2006 completed postgraduate studies at the University. From 2002 to 2011 he worked in the group of companies “Ruskompozit”, uniting the largest enterprises of Russia in the markets of glass fibre, composites and geosynthetics. In 2009 he became General Director of the management company “Ruskompozit”. In 2011, Nikitin was elected the Director-General established in may of the same year the Autonomous nonprofit organization “Agency for strategic initiatives to promote new projects”.

What is ASI

The Agency for strategic initiatives is an Autonomous non-profit organization created to support promising projects medium-sized businesses, improve the business climate, promoting the development of young managers. The Agency was established at the interregional party conference of United Russia on may 6, 2011 on the idea of Vladimir Putin as an “instrument for those who want to promote their ideas, for people who are full of energy, full of desire to implement what they consider important for themselves and for their business and for the country.” Among the first projects that have received Agency support, were mainly the initiatives of state-owned companies and corporations, and current or former employees of state agencies. For 2015, the state Duma passed 80 bills and amendments initiated by ASI. The Agency is charged with implementation of the National technology initiative (NTI) is a program for creation of fundamentally new markets and create conditions for global technological leadership of Russia to 2035. Currently, the agencies are 404 project, including 142 business project, 144 educational project and 118 social projects. The cost of ASI in 2015, according to financial statements in “SPARK-Interfax” was 1.4 billion rubles.


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