Californians have posted a video under threat of dam

In the Internet appeared the video, which shows how the dam is lake Orville drops in the river strong currents. Previously, local authorities announced the evacuation because of the threat of its breakthrough

In the Internet appeared the video of the California city of Oroville, which had previously been evacuated because of the threat of dam on mountain of the same name.

User Instagram Tyson Shorthorn posted the entry from the air, which is seen as the dam resets the powerful stream of water into the river.

Yep, that's a problem right there…

A video posted by Tyson Shorthorn (@radbones4l) on

On another video which will post to Twitter Judy Brandt, it is clear that over the dam flying helicopters. Earlier it was reported, that rescue teams will drop from helicopters of the stones to fill the holes of the auxiliary spillway.

Local residents also put the video, which shows that Oroville traffic jam due to the evacuation of residents.

The threat of a breakthrough dams, the largest U.S. arose from the heavy rains that provoked the rise of the water level in lake Oroville.

Earlier it was reported that authorities evacuated residents nearby to the dam cities. In the emergency Department recommended the local residents to move to the East, South or West. Basically, the evacuation is performed in the city of Chico in Northern California.

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The largest dam in the United States was under the threat of a breakthrough

California authorities evacuated 130 thousand residents of Northern California, living near lake Oroville, where due to heavy rains dramatically raised the water level. Emergency…

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