In the Altai found the wreckage of the crashed helicopter and the body of one passenger

A source in the emergency services of the Altai Republic told Interfax that rescuers may have found the wreckage of the helicopter, which had fallen into the lake.

Helicopter Robinson-66 crashed on 12 February during a sightseeing flight. On Board were five people, including former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Anatoly Bannykh. The identity of the victims is specified. Upon crash a criminal case. The reasons now being investigated, presumably the crash could be the result of a technical malfunction or pilot error.

As the source said, while flying over the territory of the rescuers noticed about two miles from shore debris that are assumed to be part of the fuselage and the hull of the helicopter. Now rescuers on the boat went to that place.

In addition, the body of one of the victims in the crash of the passengers came ashore. She’s been identified as Elena Rakitskaya. The body was discovered by staff of the local nature reserve.

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