“Oscar-2017”: the main thing about the nominees in the category “Best female role”

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On February 26 in Los Angeles will present a major awards — the “Oscar”. Who of the Actresses in the running for the Golden statuette and who would you choose?

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Isabelle Huppert — “She”

Age: 63 years

Condition: $40 million

When you look at the list of awards Huppert question, why Verhoeven chose her for the lead role in the drama “It” (about female survivors of rape and self-seeking of the offender, simultaneously solving a long-standing family problems), does not arise. The French actress, a total of 16 awards, including two prizes of the festival, but the nomination for “Oscar” for the 63-year-old Huppert — first.

Ruth Negga — “Loving”

Age: 35 years

State: $4 million

“Living” — the first work of Nigga, so widely noticed by critics, although the face of the actress is familiar to audiences thanks to numerous TV series. The film — the real story of Richard and Mildred Loving, who in 1958 was sentenced to prison for membership in an interracial marriage. After its premiere in Cannes critics called Nigga one of the main contenders for the “Oscar”, however the bookies still favour the stone (“La La Land”).

Natalie Portman — “Jackie”

Age: 35 years

Condition: $60 million

Portman, who appeared on the screen 20 years ago, in the legendary film “Leon”, his first “Oscar” and a greater number of awards collected in 2011 for her role in the drama “Black Swan” (by the way, then, as now, Portman was pregnant). After that, the actress for some time has faded, but 2016 seems to be finally returned to the big screen in not peculiar to her Western “Jane takes a gun” and the biopic “Jackie”, in which she played Jacqueline Kennedy at the time of and immediately after the murder of her husband and US President John F. Kennedy. The film received a prize at the Venice film festival for best screenplay, Portman and several nominations.

Emma Stone — “La La Land”

Age: 28 years

Condition: $18 million

Of favorite of teenagers and the typical “girl next door”, the stone quickly turned into a budding serious artist. At age 28 she is already the second nomination for “Oscar” and the third statuette Prize of the Guild of actors. Regardless of, get a stone statue or not, without work, it will not stay for the next two years, Savio several premieres with her participation, one of which she will play the legendary tennis player Billie Jean king.

Meryl Streep — “Florence Foster Jenkins”

Age: 67 years

Condition: $75 million

Strip, broke its own record, having received this year’s 20th nomination for “Oscar”. However “Golden globe” for her role in the drama “Florence foster Jenkins,” she this year has not got, but was awarded the honorary Prize of Cecil DeMille. The ceremony, however, rather remember antithrombosis speech Actresses, and her chances for an Oscar with the bookmakers this year below the rest of the contenders.

RBC has analyzed the winners in the category “Best female role” for the past 20 years: academics prefer Actresses a little over 35.

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