Putin accepted the resignation of the Governor of the Novgorod region

Vladimir Putin and Sergey Mitin

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin / RIA Novosti

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin accepted the resignation of the Governor of the Novgorod region Sergey Mitin

The head of state accepted the resignation Mitina, which the latter announced on the morning of February 13 at a press conference. Acting Governor Andrei Nikitin, whose appointment was announced by RBC.

As the press service of the Kremlin, the decision about early termination of powers Mitina was taken because he left his post voluntarily.

It also became known that Putin held a meeting with Nikitin and noted his work at the head of the Agency for strategic initiatives. During the conversation the head of state noted Nikitin contacts with representatives of the business community in various regions, including in Veliky Novgorod. “We have a lot of iconic places in the country, but Novgorod oblast occupies a special place, keeping in mind that this is one of those places where went the Russian land, as we say,” – said the head of state.

In turn Nikitin noted that during meetings with local entrepreneurs developed a step-by-step plan to reduce administrative barriers. In particular we are talking about tourism development, attracting investors. “Russia was a few hundred years known on the world market thanks to merchants of Novgorod,” – said Nikitin, and declared the necessity to give the opportunity to build in the area of small, medium, “and there can be, and big business”.

On the likely appointment of Nikitina told RBC sources close to the presidential administration. “Nikitin is a young, smart, with ties to the Kremlin, the White house, the ministries”, — said one of interlocutors of RBC.

The former head of the region Mitin announced his resignation the morning of 13 February. He stated that he will not go to the fall elections and asked the President “to give him a new assignment.”

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