Tatiana Tarasova: “I am like a fish out of water”

Valentine Oberemko, “AIF”: Tatiana Anatolyevna, you kind of estimate put our figure skating today?

Tatiana Tarasova: Good. Strong team and coaches, the state helps children come to us. Are including thanks to such shows as “Ice age”. The country’s real curly boom. Let’s see how many in Moscow flooded rinks, how many of them appeared in Russia! At the weekend it’s impossible to get, the queues are huge…

Our strong point: 13 a-half world record figure skating of the Soviet Union and Russia

— Some too favourable picture. Do you really have nothing embarrassing, nothing upsets?

— Frustrating is that public television is not our competition. Recently I spoke with Tina Kandelaki (General producer of “Match TV”. — Ed.). “Help me, Tatiana,’ she says. — Ask that gave us subsidies to the show of figure skating. Because we can transmit only on what money — “Formula 1″ and football”. I don’t know anything about grants, but do not understand why the leadership of the sports channel is confident that in figure skating they do not make money. This is the sport that is loved by millions. One of the few areas where we are the best in the world.

Frustrates me that I can’t take care of himself. We are at a loss — will give or not give to be at the next Olympic games. It’s like?! Without a doubt, those involved in the history of doping, must answer for it. But all of us are trying under one comb to scratch.

Alexey Voevoda: sport – one of the fronts of the information war against Russia

The head of the American Federation for figure skating, when asked on the big forum: “How to deal with Russian? Because they have so many schools, coaches”, said: “They should not allow the Olympics”. That’s what happens. A very easy way to get rid of competitors — just disable them, close.

And it is the Americans say. But our coaches have raised figure skating in their country. Know who the best coach in the USA today? Is Rafik Harutyunyan, with whom we worked together at the stadium “Young pioneers”. Then we got kicked out of the stadium, and the stadium was closed. We Rafik lost, there was no pity. And now he works in Los Angeles, educates Champions for America.

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“Even if it is already finished”

— All that fills your life besides figure skating?

Why should I be distracted from the profession for something else? Figure skating to me is always, no matter what I do. Thanks to him, I communicate with great people from many different areas, make friends with them, learn from them. I went to the rehearsal to Galina Borisovne Volchek, Igor Moiseyev has had a great influence on my formation as a teacher.

You know, not everyone has found himself in this life. And I found myself without my profession like a fish out of water. It’s not even a job, it’s a way of life. Perhaps someone do not understand this, perhaps someone wants to say “Well, at least she’s already finished”. But that’s like saying “Why is she still alive?” So I continue to fight for themselves. I am a happy person. Because those who have such a passion for work, ability to help, to reveal talents, are happy people.

Tatiana Tarasova: if there is no talent, there must be a workaholic

— Talents do not become less?

— I do not distinguish the days by the number of talents. The talent is always there. Talent is something special in person. But to feature sparkle all the facets, the necessary diligence and educator who sees it, will develop, will show all. And this is true for any business. Doesn’t matter — sports, arts, physics or mathematics.

— You keep saying “work”, “diligence”. But what about laziness, which for centuries attributed to the Russian character?

— I will say this: sometimes laziness is not a bad thing. It is necessary for all is necessary. I also love to be lazy. How? Yes, as everything is on the couch lying.

— Often allow themselves to do it?

Now sometimes allow.

— Young people find a common language? Or are you one of those who don’t understand the generation that got trapped in the Network, friends and likes on the Internet?

— In order to understand them, you have to live with them side by side. But I see that they are different. And I think they have a hard life, because so many roads in front of them, so much information is necessary and unnecessary. But still it seems to me that this generation is capable of many things — this smart, sophisticated, interesting. And let them create for yourself the life that you want. And we would be in this “their lives” is also a little bit more lived, and they would take care of us.

Tatiana Tarasova and her students, the skater Alexei Yagudin. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Ekaterina Chesnokova

No offense

— You have admitted that there are people who dislike you very much. And real friends are?

— These are very few — those whose opinion you listen. You know, I read this year essay Meryl Streep. American actress wrote about who wants to chat and who doesn’t want to. And her thoughts are very similar to mine. I also don’t want to communicate with people who can’t say thank you, can’t mark your work. I don’t want to let them into your world. And it is not because they do not want to hear criticism. Criticism is always needed. But I am now in a position where I have a love must be mutual. And it separates my friends from everyone else. They can tell me anything.

“Squabbles, squabbling is business as usual” and 6 more myths about figure skating

— As far as I know, you still do not own the rink to work. And the ice hockey stadium named after Anatoly Tarasov, your father is also not there, despite all the talk. Maybe on his birthday, something has shifted in this direction?

— No, nothing moved, and to speak about this indecent…

— Offends?

— No, but I think it’s stupid and inefficient. I do not want anyone to claim, but the efforts don’t want to work to get people themselves to use. No, I’m not offended. Lazy.

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