Ukraine has filed a second lawsuit in the WTO against Russia

Ukraine demanded that the world trade organization to establish an expert group in the framework of the case on the limitation of transit from the Republic through the territory of Russia to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. This is the second lawsuit to WTO against Russia.

“Illegal actions to limit the transit to a third country must receive an objective assessment of experts of the WTO and of course must be canceled,” – said the Ukrainian Ministry of economic development.

The gas dependence of Russia from Ukraine last?

The Agency estimates the loss of export of Ukrainian goods to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan for the year 2016 to more than $ 400 million.

The process of dispute settlement in the WTO on restrictions of transit of the Ministry of economic development of Ukraine beginning September 14 of last year, sending the requirement of consultation. Since Russia is at the first stage not lifted the restrictions, Kiev sent in the organization the requirement to establish an expert group to begin consideration of the merits.

Earlier, the Russian government has made changes to the legislation on the carriage of goods through the territory of the Russian Federation. Now the international transit road and rail transport of cargoes from Ukraine to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan through the territory of Russia are carried out only from Belarus under certain conditions. These include the presence on the ground, where the goods are located, the identification means (seals), including operating on the basis of GLONASS and accounting of coupons at drivers of vehicles.

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