Unfeminine thing? As the ladies get into the bosses ‘ chair

Feel the difference

No matter how much I complain about equality, statistics are relentless. Women earn less than men even when doing exactly the same work. The difference in male and female wages in Russia is significant. On average it is about 30%, these data lead experts of the International labour organization. The researchers wondered how fair the gap between female and male salary. Researchers analyzed the qualifications, diploma and other features of both sexes and found that women are underpaid is completely undeserved. According to experts, the salary of women should be on average 11% higher than that of men. Though, because women are more educated. Higher and vocational secondary education are 64% of working women in Russia and only 47% of men.

As for the notorious IQ, is proven that the IQ of women is in no way inferior to men. So gossip and anecdotes about the near blondes have no reason to. However, it is fair to say that the intellectual superiority of men really existed 30 years ago. But in today’s world these differences are erased.

If the boss is a woman. What you need to know subordinates?

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Women or men?

Ladies carefully. They better remember details, switch attention faster and longer you stay focused.

Women are better at reading and think. It showed a series of tests that assessed the literacy of both sexes and their ability to perform mathematical tasks.

Women better with computers. Despite the fact that programmers and system administrators mostly working men, at the user level ladies show more positive results than the Cavaliers.

Men are better in solving spatial tasks. However, only in youth. By the age of 60 the ability to determine the section and mentally rotate geometric shapes in both sexes is the same.

Among men are more often geniuses. The most gifted of men.

Men are better at predicting events. So the rumors about female intuition is greatly exaggerated.

Beware of the head! How to avoid becoming a victim of a head-Hama

Commanders and komandirski

But, while the dispute about who is smarter, and has not determined the winner, at the helm still more men. Did the ladies do not cope with the burden of power? It turns out that it is not. Women leaders there are a number of advantages in comparison with men.

They are more work for yourself. It turns out, finding himself in the authoritative chair, the lady involved in the workflow is 10% more than a man.

They often praise their employees and motivate their development. It turned out that men were the heads sent subordinates on courses less women.

They bring the company money. At least in Europe and the United States, this is the case. Local sociologists have found that companies in which the share of women on the Board of Directors is more than⅓, bring in 42% more revenue than firms where women managers are few.

Women are more democratic leadersthan men. Being in subjection of the weaker sex, employees often Express my opinion.

What leadership style fits a female superior

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Who oppresses the weaker sex

But still, with all these advantages, women continue to lag behind men in terms of salary, number of subordinates at their disposal. Let’s try to understand the causes of this injustice.

Women later begin to build a career. As a rule, the man is already 30 years occupies a certain level on the ladder. Ladies at this age are usually found at the foot of the career heights. The most common reason that young girls spend their time on maternity leave and often can’t work at full force until the children are still small.

Women require less. The salary expectations of the fair sex, on average, 20% lower than that of men. “Why pay more?” – fairly believes the employer.

How to behave to the woman-head in the men’s team?

Low self-esteem. Psychologists have long noticed that women look in the mirror to see their flaws and men to assess the merits. The woman-head is often in doubt concerning the correct decision. Noticing the hesitation, others may take them for incompetence and indecision. In addition, the causes of failures in the work of women, as a rule, I was looking for, and men – in the circumstances. So no wonder the lady boss often suffer from depression. This disorder in women in leadership positions, occurs 10% more often than the ladies who act as ordinary employees. In men, the situation is diametrically opposite. Chiefs fall into depression 11% less of their subordinates.

However, despite the difficulties women face when building a career, the number of ladies in the authoritative seats is increasing from year to year. According to the estimates of a number of independent international organizations in Russia, women occupy more than 40% of managerial positions. So the ladies definitely should not give up on their ambitions.

Anna Khokhlova:

– In principle, the chauvinism can offend other people, to touch them right. On the other hand, he is able to encourage some employees to go forward, to create some competition, to influence the improvement of results. However, when this ideology one adheres to not only in work but in life, it’s not very good.

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