Early to retire! Is there sex life in the elderly?

Talking about stupidity, we still talk, but first about age. Many menopause is associated with old age, which, of course, wrong. Sometimes menopause starts at 40-45 years and even earlier. Call it old age I do not dare. However, even if the climax came as expected, 50-55 years, it’s still not old age. Nevertheless, people continue to invent fables on this topic.

An important part of life

It is believed that during menopause disappears interest in sex. Libido can indeed be somewhat reduced. There are several reasons: a reduction in the levels of the hormone estrogen, health problems (many women appear excess weight, hypertension, diabetes), pills which can inhibit sexual desire (including some antidepressants and drugs for hypertension). Ricochet on libido and psychological problems. For example, the lady believes that it is not like the men she has gained 5 kg, crinkled, some have gray hair, so she forbids himself to even think about sex.

However, most of these problems can be solved. It is sufficient to adjust treatment, for example choose other medications, talk to a psychologist and sex drive recovers. Not to mention the fact that many women have in principle no problem – the intimacy remains as vivid and intense as in his youth. This is confirmed by a study conducted by American sexologist, Judy hardy-Holden. 53% of respondents give it fifty admitted that think sex is an important part of his life (by the way, solidarity with them and 15% of women over seventy). So interest in this case was, is and will be!

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For brightness sensations

To the area of myths is the assertion that the lady in years is no longer able to experience orgasm. It is an absolute myth! Yes, women need more time to get aroused. Yes, there are features, such as dryness of the vaginal mucosa. But the orgasm she can feel still! You need only to ask partner to give more time to foreplay instead of proceeding straight to the point. And vaginal dryness these days is not a problem. Enough to buy intimate lubricant and use it before sexual intimacy.

In addition, many women try to keep in shape – do exercises for intimate muscles (it sharpens the sensuality), dancing, swimming, yoga, Pilates, other sports (and physical activity, among other things, stimulates sexual desire).

The secret of her youth. How to slow down aging?

Sexual intimacy allows you to:

1. To keep in tone the muscles of the pelvis, and this is the best prevention of urinary incontinence and many . . of gynecological diseases.

2. During sexual intercourse are hormones of happiness – endorphins. They lift the mood and improve the quality of life. So sex is an excellent replacement to antidepressants.

3. Sexually active at age helps to improve memory and intellectual abilities.

By the way

There is such a phenomenon – the denial of climax. Some ladies hard to ignore the changes happening in the body: lack of menstruation blamed for the dysfunction of the ovaries, hot flashes – at magnetic storm, insomnia and anxiety – chronic fatigue. However, menopause nobody has been able to go, because it is not a disease but a natural transition from one phase of life to another. We shouldn’t fear this – just need to prepare for a new phase: to adjust diet, lifestyle, undergo a medical examination. Then the menopause will be easy.


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