Surgeon Anatoly Kulakov: “We can eliminate any deformation of the face”

What can expect those who are in need of such assistance? About it our conversation with academician of RAS, chief maxillo-facial surgeon Ministry of health of Russia, Director of the Central research Institute of stomatology and maxillofacial surgery of Ministry of health of Russia Anatoly Kulakov.

One and only

Tatiana Gurianova, “AIF Health”: Anatoly, your Institute, which this year celebrates 55 years, many are primarily associated with dental care. What place it occupies in oral and maxillofacial surgery?

Sewn back together. Russian surgeons have restored the oropharynx the patient

Anatoly Kulakov: One of the leading. At the time it was within the walls of our Institute, which is based at the Institute of traumatology and orthopedics, was developed methods of recovering the lost tissues of the larynx and upper esophagus, organs and tissues of the mouth, pharynx walls, which are used by oral surgeons all over the world…

Our Institute and is now one of the leading, unique medical research centers, which simultaneously work the clinic of pediatric and adult oral and maxillofacial surgery with common approaches and strategies in the treatment of patients of different age starting from first days of life to deep aged men.

– What problems have you and your colleagues?

– Their range is very wide. This and the consequences of heavy traffic, domestic, industrial injuries, and congenital deformities – cleft lip, palate, face, with which every year in our country are born about 40 thousand children.

Severe facial injuries are by suicide. But perhaps I would single out the problem of inflammation in the facial area, which often arise due to inflammation in the area of the tooth.

By the way

According to official data, in Russia a total of more than 1000 oral and maxillofacial surgeons and operated 87 offices maxillofacial surgery. But in fact such offices and specialists in our country much more. Talking about dental pediatric wards, which often are kids with congenital disorders, trauma, or inflammation of the oral and maxillofacial region, that render high-tech aid.

The price of carelessness

– Talking about the banal decay?

– About him, of course. Not turning in a timely manner to the dentist, other patients bring themselves to the point that come to us with spilled phlegmon affecting the bone tissue, the jaw, the sinuses, the regional lymph nodes. Sometimes up to sepsis when getting involved not only oral and maxillofacial, but also thoracic surgeons, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, neurosurgeons with whom we work closely.

Europe will be jealous. The best Western doctors go to study in Moscow

And of course, still a lot of road injuries, which in our country die every year 25-30 thousand people.

– The population of the whole city!

– Thus it appears that the deceased or seriously injured in road accident the person was just do not wearing a seat belt. How about it write, speak, and things are there: the principle of life to chance our citizens has not been eliminated until now.

This, incidentally, applies to cancer patients. Many of them are too late go to the doctor, who, to save the patient’s life, often necessary to make radical mutilation. And then these patients come to us, maxillofacial surgeons.

On the verge of fantasy

– What you can do to help them?

In recent years, our region has witnessed a revolution. Previously, patients who have removed large blocks of tissues, there was only one option – a complex maxillo-facial prosthesis using volumetric prosthetic, which was very difficult to capture and which gave the patient a lot of inconvenience. In recent years, widely used method of transplantation (replacement) area of defect in patient’s tissues. Modern technology allows us, for example, to calculate precisely where you need to make cuts of the fibula and as the extracted fragment to collect in the future in the form of the lower jaw, while not cutting off the supply that bone blood vessels and surrounding tissue.

In figures and facts: the emblem of surgery is the scalpel

– Fantastic! And how long are these operations?

– Sometimes 6-10 hours. And after 6-8 months in the transplanted bone dental implants are established and carried out (including) fixed prosthetics. That is, is the complete rehabilitation of the patient. To date, our Institute has already carried out hundreds of these procedures with very good results.

There is a choice!

– These operations are available?

– Completely. We are a public institution, therefore our priority is the execution of the state order. And, despite the economic difficulties, the scope and financing of high-tech care in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery from year to year.

– To get to you?

– It is possible. Although in the regions, of course, interested in the fact that the budget remained in them. But, unfortunately, there are patients who need oral and maxillofacial surgery of this level, which on the ground do not do it. And this is a very serious problem that needs to be solved. People should know that in case of serious pathology, if they do not receive adequate assistance, they must apply to the Federal centers. Moreover, the choice they have. Besides Moscow, a lot of decent oral and maxillofacial clinics in Saint-Petersburg, Novgorod, Samara… the Main problem is not to run.

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