The media reported the appearance of Russian ships scout the coast of the United States

The Ship “Viktor Leonov”

Photo: Reuters

Russian reconnaissance ship “Victor Leonov” was held in 112 km from the coastline of the U.S. state of Delaware, according to sources Fox News. This is the first post about the “spy” of the Navy since the election of Donald trump

Russian reconnaissance ship noticed near the Eastern coast of the United States. On it informs TV channel Fox News, citing two people familiar with officials in the United States.

“Spy ship”, according to sources, the channel moved to the North at a speed of 10 knots. It myself 70 miles (112,7 km) from the coastline of the state of Delaware.

Fox News claims that it is about the ship “Viktor Leonov”, belonging to the Russian Navy. The ship is equipped with various electronic intelligence, and also has missiles of a class “earth — air”.

Sources Fox News said that the ship “does not cause them concern,” but the ship “is closely watched”.

It will be the first since the election of President Donald trump. Previously, “Viktor Leonov” appeared next to the American coast in April 2015, say the sides of the channel. In January of the same year the ship was docked in Havana before us-Cuban talks.

In Delaware, near which the Russian ship is the largest base of Military-air forces of the USA.

In September 2015, the Pentagon reported the approach of Russian ships to the scout ship American Shell Oil Company in the Arctic. The US then also not have to deploy defense resources in response to the approach of the “Kuril Islands”. Then the Americans discovered the ship of the Russian Navy “amber” next to their base for nuclear submarines.

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