The Ministry of health has recognized the shortage of drugs to treat HIV in the regions

Blood in the mobile point of rapid testing for HIV in Yekaterinburg

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The Ministry of health has studied the situation in the regions with drugs for HIV, and came to the conclusion that there is a shortage of several drugs. Before the start of the Federal supply deficit should close the regions

There are not all

The Ministry of health analyzed the situation with drugs for HIV-infected patients on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets. She gave it orally on 3 February during a meeting of the Council of the Cabinet of Ministers on guardianship in the social sphere. Later, the Deputy Prime Minister has officially ordered the Ministry of health and Roszdravnadzor to monitor the uninterrupted supply of drugs for patients with HIV and from 9 March to report quarterly to the government. A copy of the order is at the disposal of RBC.

The assignment due to complaints by a shortage of drugs against HIV in the regions of the country. They became more frequent after the transfer of procurement of medicines against infection at the regional level in Federal organisations reported that part of the necessary drugs in some communities has already ended, and by April, the date to which the Ministry of health promises to establish a Federal delivery, the situation will become even worse.

The Ministry of health investigated the situation and came to the conclusion that some drugs will last less than a month. “Forces of healthcare we have audited the residues of drugs in subjects. Really in two dozen regions there are stock-outs [lack of] three to five items is the amount less the monthly needs”, — told RBC Director of the Department for the treatment of medicines and medical devices Ministry of health Maksimkina Elena. According to her, the Ministry had requested information on the ground and studied the website where the published complaints patients from all over Russia.

The exchange between regions

The Ministry of health will supply medicines to the regions in April, but the problem is solved, said Maksimkina. The regions have some analogues that can replace essential drugs, medicines and other territorial departments of health have to buy their own. “With actors nobody has taken the responsibility for providing medications to their patients. In addition, in November 2016, they received an additional 2.3 billion rubles for the purchase of medicines against HIV. They were informed that the Ministry of health will start shipping in April, and their stock was supposed to last until the end of 2016 and another three months”, — said the head of the Department.

In addition to the additional drug procurement regions should establish an exchange of drugs, said Maksimkina. At the end of 2016, the government adopted a decree that permits such a procedure in coordination with the Ministry of health. Its essence is that entities that have an excess of any drug should submit it to the town in which it is lacking. The register of patients with HIV and monitoring of the Ministry of health for the rest of drugs such exchange must not cause difficulties, convinced the representative of the Ministry.

Schedule of centralized procurement of the Ministry were posted on the website “the Electronic budget” on Friday, February 10. The procurement procedure is in accordance with the approved rules, said Maksimkina.

The execution date of the procurement — from 1 February to 1 October 2017. The planned delivery time of goods: the first stage — until 15 July 2017, the second phase — until October 15, 2017. “It turns out that the health Ministry does not inform about the exact dates of the beginning of procurement,” — said in a conversation with RBC head of the Department of monitoring medical network edition ITPCru Alexei Mikhailov. According to him, on the basis of the procurement practices of the past, since the announcement until the execution of the contract is on average 40-50 days. In addition, there is always the risk of absenteeism of participants at the auction, and this shadowing auctions and offset timing, Mikhailov stressed. We should not forget about the logistics: the winner of the auction will have to supply in 85 regions of Russia, and it is difficult to do quickly, sums up the expert. According to him, the Ministry risks not to have time to the designated APR.

According to the site independent procurement already announced some regions: according ITPCru, it Sverdlovsk oblast, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Khakassia, Moscow, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Astrakhan and Chelyabinsk region.

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