Youth national team of Russia on hockey defeated with the score 42:0 team Turkey

Russian hockey players defeated their Turkish rivals with the score 42:0 in the opening game of the winter European youth Olympic festival.

Invigorating bronze. The youngest female hockey player of the youth world championship on the cost of the coin

According to “”, the game was held in the city of Erzurum in Turkey. According to media reports, starting from the first period of youthful Russian national team has thrown in gate of rivals of 15 goals in the second period – 12 goals, and in the third – 15.

In the next game of the Russian hockey players will be on the ice with the French team.

European youth Olympic festival is held twice a year in winter and summer, with the participation of young athletes from 48 countries. Winter festival in 2017 is held in Erzurum from 12 to 19 February.

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