Perfect eyebrows: how to make and how to care

As suggested by makeup artists, that eyebrows “hold” your entire face. And can both improve and ruin any appearance.

The thicker, the better?

Fashion is changeable. Remember, as a Secretary Verochka from “the Office romance” taught Lyudmila Prokofievna, “eyebrows should be thin like a thread, and surprise raised”. And those of my boss, because of the excessive thickness was declared indecent. Such, as we remember, was supposed to fight progresiva their spring.

Why would a man eyebrows?

Today she probably would have called indecent eyebrows, plucked to a thread. In fact today, on the contrary, in the fashion of the dense vegetation in this area. So many women are increasing their eyebrows, paint on with pencil or with permanent makeup. The dictates of fashion – a thing serious, but still with the eyebrows so freely do not. Choose their shape, color and density need to mind – depending on the shape of the face, width of nose, landing eyes. And in accordance with age. Fashionable in this season wide eyebrows a little for women after 40-45 years – they will vzroslii and make them face severe. Girls whose skin is prone to inflammation, also do not need bushy eyebrows – thick vegetation will accentuate pimples and redness and make the image messy. Fine facial features, too can not stand the neighborhood, with wide eyebrows.

What eyebrows are more suitable

  • The wide face is ideal eyebrows with a break. But it is important not to overdo, not to look unnatural.
  • Triangular face with a narrow chin requires eyebrows rounded. They soften the geometry of the face.
  • Elongated long face “loves” straight eyebrows.
  • Square and oval faces look more harmonious with arched eyebrows.

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    A well-groomed appearance

    To achieve it, eyebrows should:

    – daily combing with a special brush;

    – get rid of unnecessary hairs on the top and bottom. The top line of eyebrows is better not to change drastically – after all, nature is rarely wrong, and usually what gives, and is probably the best. Tweeze hairs only need for their growth. This is, first, to prevent them from growing into the skin, and secondly, will make the procedure less painful. To capture the hairs have the root. And better one. To procedure correction of eyebrows gave less discomfort, it should not be performed earlier than 15-20 minutes after taking a hot bath or shower;

    Always prepared. Paint eyebrows and eyelashes

    – paint in any color. This is especially important for those with bleached hair. The brunette color of the eyebrows should be 3 shades lighter of hair, and blondes 3 tones darker. Than use eyebrow pencil, powder or permanent paint – a matter of taste;

    – when you need to feed to stimulate their growth. This will help:

    • daily self-massage. It can be done not only fingers but a comb of stiff bristles of combing in different directions;
    • eating right and taking vitamins A and E;
    • the mask of castor and burdock oil and vitamin A, as well as a neat application strictly on eyebrow tincture of red hot pepper;
    • to properly execute. Choosing the perfect eyebrow shape, it is necessary to proceed not from the dictates of fashion, but solely from the oval of your face and facial features.

    By the way

    To determine the eyebrows of any long thin object (pencil or knitting needle). That thing should be applied so that it connected the wing of the nostril with the inside corner of the eye. Where the stick touches the eyebrow, that are supposed to begin. Then the spoke must be applied so that it connected the wing of the nostril and the outer corner of the eye. The place of its contact with the brow will indicate the end of a perfect eyebrow. To find the highest point (bending point) of the eyebrow is possible, attaching a needle, so that she passed through the wing of the nose and the middle of the pupil.

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    Physiognomy argues that the natural shape of the eyebrows gives an indication of the character:

    – usually curved are sensitive romantics with a light, but firm demeanour. By the way, eyebrows arch are considered to be the ideal form;

    – eyebrows braslet – sign leaders, people active, purposeful and enterprising;

    Diagnosis is complexion, or what will tell rosy cheeks

    – in the form of semicircles talking about prudence and discernment, enterprise and self-confidence. This is often a sign of financial genius. If eyebrows are located high – a person motivated;

    with drooping tips will give eternal child, naive and dependent, although a kind and gifted. And caring and loyal;

    a short will indicate that here is a man passionate, proud and ambitious, these often achieve lofty goals;

    – eyebrows with a bend look impressive and are usually have bright people: leaders and adventurers;

    straight is the sign of a manly and straightforward character, are good leaders and trustworthy partners in business and in the family. The lower eyebrow, the more these features;

    – wide – in front of you a dreamer and an intellectual;

    – slim – talking about great principles;

    a thick, bristly – can be expected from a man of stubbornness, cruelty and stubbornness.

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    The first reader

    TV Presenter Olga Ushakova

    – My eyebrows are dark by nature, so painting them is not necessary. But a special serum for thick eyebrows I apply every day. I used to have thinner eyebrows, who turned their “thicken”, but had to suffer and some time to walk with indefinite form. Now I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

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