Resistance to cocaine and poll about homeopathy

A group of researchers from different countries have developed a new technique of diagnosis of melanoma and other types of skin cancer. The scientists, led by Gorchakov Irene (Irene Georgakoudi) from tufts University (Tufts University), examined under a powerful laser microscope cancer cells and compared them with healthy. Experts have identified the difference between behavior of mitochondria in these cells into cancer if they were located closer to the nucleus of the cell, in healthy was distributed throughout the cell, as the threads of the web. This difference can be seen in the laser microscope, and diagnosis thus, in contrast to a long process of study biopsy only took a few minutes and was error free. However, even if a new technique will be implemented in clinical practice, it will be quite an expensive setup with a laser microscope is worth 100 thousand dollars.

In the UK a six year old boy had a kidney transplant from his mother. At the age of three years James Lewis (James Lewis) fell ill and his condition was so severe that he needed a heart transplant. The donor had to wait 11 months and during this time the kidneys of a child were also badly affected. Even after the transplant he had to visit the hospital three times a week and spend on dialysis for five hours. The only option for him was a kidney donor, preferably from a close relative. The father and mother of the baby passed the desired tests, and it turned out that James’s mom can be a donor. According to her, she didn’t hesitate for a second. So son wasn’t scared, mom came up with the name for the buds and explained to James that Sydney will help him to recover. The transplant was successful, and now the mother and son feel good.

All-Russian center for public opinion research asked 1,200 people what they know about homeopathy. It turned out that more than 50% of the people or have no idea what it is, or even words such did not hear, despite the fact that in a recent issue of homeopathy being actively discussed in the media. Only 6% of respondents imagined the principle of action of homeopathic medicines, and as many people said that it’s quackery, placebo or who knows what, but something bad. Respondents who were familiar with homeopathy, also asked about how does she, and did she, they, or their relatives. A third informed the participants said that rather helps, at the same time use it (themselves or relatives) to 49% from having ideas about her. In General, the results of a survey of homeopathic remedies were not effective.

In Canada, scientists genetically modified the mouse, giving it resistance to cocaine addiction. This was done by the staff of the University of British Columbia (University of British Columbia) – they brought animals with a high concentration in the brain protein cadherin. One of its functions is to provide connections between nerve cells. Experts expected that this modification will make the mice more prone to drug due to additional connections in the structure of the brain responsible for rewards. However, things did not go as planned, and is based on experimental individuals preferred to abstain from cocaine use, even having it in free access. Now scientists have set a new goal – to find a molecule that would block the memories about the drug.

In twenty regions of Russia is not enough of antiretroviral drugs. Stocks remained less than a month, and the inhabitants of these regions are already complaining about the lack of necessary medicines. The Director of the Department handling drugs and medical devices, Ministry of health of Elena Maksimkin has confirmed the information, noting that those 3-5 drugs, the lack of which is felt most acutely, it is possible to replace analogs. The official stressed that the responsible officials and previously it was known that the supply Ministry will begin no earlier than April.

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