Sberbank has created a flash game for employees after phishing “emails Gref”

Photo: Ekaterina Kuzmina / RBC

After about 80% of the staff of Sberbank has opened a fake letter from “Herman Gref,” the service of cyber security the lenders have launched anti-phishing flash-game. In two hours employees of the state Bank will learn to look for signs of phishing

Cyber security service of Sberbank has launched the game “Agent of cybersecurity” through which employees of the credit institution should learn how to distinguish phishing emails from the real thing. The head of service Sergey Lebed said at the IX Ural forum “Information security in the financial sector”, writes the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

“Agent cybersecurity,” according to Swan, is a cartoonish flash game, the participant needs to spot the signs of phishing attempts, and to respond to them.

Employees who have passed training games, note that he did not know about a lot of things before the game and continue “never such mistakes are not repeated,” said Swan. The game takes an employee two hours, but take it with breaks, he added.

Earlier, as told in the savings Bank, employees were sent “educational” phishing e-mail. The first time a letter, of which sender was listed as “German Oskarovich Gref”, opened about 80% of the staff. Later during the year, the mailing was repeated several times. The last mailing was opened only a few percent of recipients.

Swan also cited statistics according to which in the world of phishing emails open 30% of users.

In July of last year the savings Bank has undergone to hacker attack. The Bank reported that it prevented the theft of 8 billion rubles from their customers. According to the representative of the Bank that fraudulent transactions were carried out by transmission customers information about their accounts after talking on the phone or through TEXT messages.

Phishing a form of Internet fraud in which criminals try to obtain sensitive user data. Most often found in the form send emails on behalf of banks, popular brands or different organizations. Instead of site organization is used about the Internet page.

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