The media learned about the role of the Obama administration to discredit adviser to trump

Michael Flynn

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Former adviser to trump national security, Michael Flynn was the victim of a months-long campaign to discredit him undertaken by the associates of Barack Obama. The goal of the campaign is not to give Flynn the opportunity to make public the secret provisions of the nuclear deal with Iran

Transient resignation of the adviser of the President of the United States Donald trump on national security Michael Flynn was the culmination of a lengthy operation, which was conducted by the staff of the administration of Barack Obama, writes the conservative newspaper the Washington Free Beacon, citing sources familiar with the situation.

And the main intrigue, told the publication, revolved around a secret part of the nuclear deal with Iran, which the Obama administration has not released. Trump and Flynn were consistent opponents of the agreement, they promised to declassify and make public this part of the agreement, which still has not been ratified by Congress.

A key figure in the months-long discredit Flynn was, according to the newspaper, Deputy adviser Obama’s national security Ben Rhodes. He consistently gave big media a reason to discredit Flynn in the context of the transaction on the Iranian atom.

Rhodes, said the sources, did everything to discredit the approaches of trump and Flynn to a deal with Iran, while the White house strongly promoted the benefits of this agreement.

“Of course, the campaign to discredit Flynn began even before the inauguration, and it included by far the politicized leak to the media designed to undermine his reputation,” explained a source familiar with the situation and who formerly worked in the office of the assistant to the President for homeland security.

In this campaign, Flynn left the White house even before he was able to disclose many details of the nuclear deal. The publication notes that Flynn may not be the last one to undergo such a coordinated attack, and will fall under attack by other key figures in the new administration.

Earlier in February, the Washington Post, which is constantly criticized trump during the election campaign, wrote that Flynn privately discussed the issue of sanctions with the Russian Ambassador in the United States Sergei Kislyak and allegedly gave the Kremlin invalid “potentially illegal” signal that Russia can expect the easing of sanctions imposed by the Obama administration.

“The dubious impression that the later anti-Russian sanctions will be revised,” said the sources WP.

Trump then declared that has no information about it and stressed that he will look into the matter. After that WP wrote that Flynn loses trust in the administration, the White house responded with a rebuttal: President Pangestu trusts Flynn. However, on 14 February at the request of the trump adviser wrote a letter of resignation.

After the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer at a regular briefing for journalists said that Flynn lost the confidence of the President of the trump. According to Spicer, the tramp for several weeks, knew that Flynn is not fully reported on the conversation with the Russian Ambassador. Media reported that Flynn apologized to trump and Vice-President Mike Pence as he had not provided full information about conversations with Kislyak.

At the same time, Sam Flynn in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation said that did not discuss the lifting of sanctions, do not violate the law and “did not cross the line” in a conversation with Kislyak. In addition, the former adviser said, why not fought to maintain his post. “I didn’t resist, because I’m not that guy. I’m backstage. I was always behind the scenes. But this is ridiculous. It just spiraled out of control. I became an international celebrity for the wrong reasons,” he explained.

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