The smell of the disease. What smells like body with a particular disease?

According to scientists, people choose a mate that is body odor. It is believed that the sense of smell allows you to choose the partner with the most appropriate set of genes. One can allocate pheromones: substances which are of interest from the opposite sex. However, there are times when a particular smell coming from the body, should be taken as a signal of distress. After all, he can talk about the presence of very serious disease. Doctors claim that some disease has its own “flavor.” How is the smell of sickness and you should pay attention when a new odor in the material Aephi.

Test sense of smell

Doctors have long started to use a unpleasant scent of human body, alternatively the primary diagnosis of various diseases. Because the repulsive smell is a clear signal that disrupted metabolic processes. This often occurs on the background of the development of certain pathologies.

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Bacteria that inhabit the skin, survive the previous colonies, which were “healthy”, and the waste products of the newcomers start to smell differently.

Smells like acetone?

If sweat gets the smell of acetone, it should be checked for such diseases as:

  • Various endocrine pathology associated with diabetes
  • Problems with the digestive system
  • Disorders of the liver and kidneys
  • Human infection with germs, bacteria and viruses

All of this can lead to the imbalance of the body, due to which there is a General dysfunction. It should be understood that diabetes is the most common cause of an acetone smell from the body. Attribute this to the fact that a person develops a deficiency of insulin. Glucose begins to be broken down worse, and the overabundance of it causes changes in blood composition and deterioration of metabolism: from this, the body starts to increase the amount of Excess ketone bodies. the body actively removes, including and together with the next: hence the appearance of a sharp acetone smell. It is understood that such a state is fraught with serious health problems and often indicates the approach of diabetic coma.

Also the smell of acetone can be observed, if you suffer from kidneys. In this case, in addition to the specific “flavor” will be the person to manifest symptoms such as swelling, problems urinating, pain in the lumbar region, increasing the pressure, the smell of acetone breath.

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If the acetone smell from the skin is accompanied by severe loss of weight with continued appetite, irritability and insomnia, say that the cause of the problem might be irregularities in the thyroid.

The smell of a cat

There are situations when a person begins to go the smell of cat feces. In this case, the body also signals potential problems. For example, the smell of urea appears in:

  • Diseases of the kidney and liver
  • Pathologies of the endocrine system and VSD
  • Tuberculosis
  • Obesity
  • The violations in the digestive system

Among the common causes of this “flavor” are kidney problems. After all, if the work is done properly, for it sensitive the whole body. Moreover, it is understood that the smell of urea in this case will be strong, and deal with them improvised means impossible: deodorants like this are not taken.

Develops a problem due to the fact that the decomposition products of proteins are excreted through the sebaceous glands. The doctors in this case we speak about WriteData, which can be a consequence of chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis, and uremia.

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The smell of vinegar

Sweat sometimes a person can come the smell of vinegar. It is important to understand that the appearance of such a symptom is accompanied by increased sweating. Among the reasons because of which can develop such a problem:

  • Endocrine disorders
  • Lack of vitamins D and B
  • Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the lung
  • Breast

When talking about failures in the endocrine system, the body may be a lack of iodine. This immediately leads to an unpleasant smell. To recognize tuberculosis in acetic smell from the body it is possible, because in this case there will be symptoms such as a pronounced cough, fatigue, weakness and fever. Women are advised not to leave a smell without attention: it could indicate a serious problem with Breasts.

Other options

As soon as body odor has changed, turned into something unbearable, it is possible to visit a doctor. Because of the different smell may indicate various pathologies, some of which are quite difficult to treat.

Body odor

Possible disease


Problems with the metabolism

Putrid or sweetish


Fleece (wet)

Disorder of the adrenal glands

Hydrogen sulfide

Ulcer, dyspepsia

Rotten meat

Cancer problems

The smell of old age

Problems with hormonal background

Rotten apples

State before a hypoglycemic coma (requires immediate hospitalization)

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