Russians deprived of rights to domain ɢ

Photo: Sergey Konkov / TASS

The Russians who created the website ɢ deprived of the rights to the domain after a complaint from Google. The company found that it uses the website, the address of which differs from the domain search engine just one symbol, to spread malware

American Corporation Google has made the decision on deprivation of the Russian Vitaly Popov rights to use the domain ɢ This itself Popov told RBC.

“Google Inc. falsely attributed to me the spread of malware, phishing, to which neither I nor my domain does not have the slightest relationship, but that redirects from your domain (without the g at first and nothing with my not associated), another American Corporation — Blue Arctic LLC” — said Popov.

He said that the decision on deprivation of the rights to domain was made legal institution for dispute resolution National Arbitration Forum Inc.

Dispute Popov and Google became known on February 1. Portal Vice Motherboard reported that the Corporation addressed to the organization of pre-trial settlement complaint with the Russian that owns the domain ɢ As noted, in the complaint, Google stated that Popov is engaged in phishing and uses the website, the address of which differs from the domain of the search engine only one character (instead of G ɢ), to spread malicious programs.

Popov stated that the accusations of phishing and spam is a lie and he’s not going to get rid of the domain. “My domain never redirected users to sites that distribute malware, or sites divulging personal or confidential information,” — said the Russian. In an interview with RBC he said that Google “blatant falsehoods” trying to take away his property.

In a press-service Google declined to comment on the situation.

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