The perfect couple. The rules of choosing the right shoes

Even trendy and pricey shoes or boots can be so disappointing, if they are uncomfortable. The most innocuous problems that can deliver mismatched shoes, is corn. Alas, often it does not end there. If you constantly wear wrong shoes, deteriorating gait, posture, there are problems with the spine.

Attention to detail

When buying pay special attention to the following parameters:

1. Size

Each of us has the size of a foot a little more. Therefore, it is important when fitting to wear both shoes and not to be lazy here and there to walk through the dressing room. You should feel the toe, but not to rest in his fingers. And of course, don’t feel pain. Be sure to move your hand over the toe of the Shoe, the toes should not stick out the bumps.

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2. The toe part and the heel

They need to keep the shape. Much pressure on them and release. On the surface of the Shoe should not remain dents.

3. The stability of the foot

This is especially true when choosing shoes on the heel. Push down on the lift. If the heel goes back, give up the purchase. In the process of wearing heels like this pair will begin to live an independent life and eventually fall off.

4. The flexibility of the sole

Bend the shoes in his hands. In qualitative models, the sole bends easily. If the sole is stiff, the joints of the foot will not be able to move normally.

5. Shoe width

Do not take a couple that will have to break in. Despite the fact that today there are many tools for posting Shoe, too narrow a model will deform the foot.

How to choose the right shoes. Infographics

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Choose shoes

As a consequence, impair blood circulation, increase the load on the muscles. Besides the shoes that you’re breaking, faster deform and lose.

6. The inner surface

Swipe your hand on the underside of shoes. There should not be rough internal seams, rough edges. The insole should be soft and the shoes and boots must still be removed.

7. Surface

When trying on shoes don’t stay on the carpet, walk on the floor. It is known that any shoes better than sitting when you are on a soft surface. Test it on a solid surface.

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About the length and width

Do you know your Shoe size? “What kind of question is that? – answer many. – Of course!” And did you know that feet grow over time and length, and width? Therefore, every two years, be sure to measure your size.

The length and volume of the foot can vary depending on the time of day. Therefore, the right to buy shoes in the evenings. At this time, the legs are a little swollen and therefore larger in size. So don’t be surprised if a Shoe that is sitting on you in the morning, the evening will reap.

If you buy shoes for a high heel, it is important that the foot was firmly fixed. Otherwise, over time, as the shoes posted, the leg goes forward, the load on the toe part will increase, you may see the bone.

When buying fur shoes it is important to remember that fur for socks will crush and generated an additional space. When choosing warm shoes special importance sole. It should be quite thick, with a special protector against slipping. The most secure are models in which there is a varied pattern on the sole (e.g., toe part in the form of squares and heel – in the form of rounded protrusions).

Suede shoes faster pair, so fitting it should be very close-fitting leg.

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Heels for calculating

Heel makes us not only above, but also visually slimmer. Gait changes, mood improves, self esteem increases. However, high heels can become a cause of major problems. The stop in such footwear is experiencing a huge load. Also, completely off her spring function, that is, the foot in the springy step and each step resounds in the spine.

However podiatrists do not call us to completely abandon the wearing of heels. The main thing is to choose the suitable height. How to do it? There is a simple way that will help to determine the safe height of the heel. Here it is. Place your foot on a sheet of paper and mark two points – at the edge of the heel and the edge of the thumb. Draw a straight line – get the length of the foot. Divide it by seven and get a safe heel height for every day.

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Want to know not only safe, but also the ideal height of the heels? Please! Measure your height and leg length. Now substitute the obtained results into the formula:

The rise divided by the length of the legs and from the quotient subtract of 1.61. The obtained result multiplied by 10.

Example: height – 162 cm, leg length – 76 cm

  • (162:76)-1,61= 0,52
  • 0,52×10=5.2 cm

These heels are considered ideal because they visually extend the legs to a height to get the perfect ratio of leg length and height, that is 1,61.

There is a way to calculate the maximum allowable height of a heel. Sit on a chair and extend leg forward. Relax your foot and pull the sock. Ask someone to measure the distance from the tip of the foot to the heel end. This distance and comfortable height for the front of the heel.

The first reader

Olga Ushakova:

Up to a certain age I chose shoes according to the principle “the higher the heel, the better.” Now more consciously treat their feet – the heel was lower, even better if there is a platform. To check, do you block, can half an hour to March in shoes at shop. Well, every day I have the shoes to go low – now fashionable sneakers or espadrilles.

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