Pens Poroshenko said about the readiness to support negotiations on the Donbass

Petro Poroshenko and Mike Pence

Photo: Michael Dalder / Reuters

Vice-President Mike Pence at the meeting with Petro Poroshenko assured him of the efforts of Washington to maintain the integrity of Ukraine and normalization of the situation in the Donbass

According to radio station “Voice of America” with reference to the White house, during the meeting in Munich, Pence and Poroshenko discussed how the United States can support the negotiations on the normalization of the situation in the Donbass. American Vice-President said that the US administration is concerned about the escalation of violence in Eastern Ukraine and stressed the need for an immediate armistice.

Pence also assured Poroshenko that Washington supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine and that country’s right to self-determination. He also pointed out that the US is not going to recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

The press service of the Ukrainian President stated that during the meeting Poroshenko and Pence Kiev “has received a powerful signal that the new us administration of Ukraine and the Crimea are among the priorities.”

On the eve of Pence in a speech at the Munich security conference said that the US “should attract Russia to justice, to demand respect for the Minsk agreements and begin the process of de-escalation of violence in Eastern Ukraine”.

“The U.S. will continue to attract Russia to justice, even while we are in search of new points of contact, as you know, trump believes that they can be found,” said Pence.

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