Washington said about the difficulties in cooperation between Russia and USA on Syria

Sapper International anti-mine centre of the armed forces clear areas in Aleppo

Photo: Ministry of defense of Russia / RIA Novosti

The United States is difficult to coordinate its actions with Russia in Syria. However, the cooperation between the two countries had the potential, said the special envoy Donald trump for cooperation with countries in the fight against ISIS Brett Mcgurk

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump believes that cooperation between Moscow and Washington on Syria is unlikely. This was stated by the special representative of the President of the United States on cooperation with other countries in the fight against “Islamic state” (banned in Russia organization) Brett Mcgurk at the Munich security conference.

“In fact, it is very difficult to coordinate actions with Russia against ISIS, although there’s a great potential [ … ] Is highly unlikely, we have to be honest in this,” he said (here and below, quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

In his words, “serious cooperation” between Moscow and Washington it is difficult to imagine the civil war in Syria. While Mcgurk noted that the process is continuing and the truce led to a reduction of hostilities and were generally successful. “We see de-escalation, but there are serious violations,” said Mcgurk.

The US special envoy also noted the role of Russia, Turkey and Iran in resolving the Syrian crisis. In his view, cooperation with these countries is important because it “the three most important factors of influence in the region.”

In Astana on 15-16 February was held the second stage of negotiations on the settlement of the Syrian crisis. After its completion, the head of the Russian delegation said that during negotiations the parties managed to make “another important step”. Among the measures taken is the introduction of a joint group of Russia, Turkey and Iran truce.

Before the talks, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov expressed confidence that Russian and American military will again begin to cooperate against ISIS. He said that the dialogue with the new US President has already begun, and he “will be more intense, once all parts of the administration who are engaged in foreign Affairs.”

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